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27166RE: [OSCALEMODELERS] Lionel B&O Wagontop Caboose Conversion

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  • JGG KahnSr
    Jan 21 8:48 AM
      So far, so good: I replaced the three-rail wheelsets with Intermountains (it helps to drill the journal bushings a bit).
      Cut off the LIonel couplers and will fabricate phosphor bronze wire pickups.  The wiring is where I get nervous; 
      obviously the smoke unit goes (and LIonel even figured out some customers would find that tacky, providing a more 
      scale replacement in the box) but I'd kind of like to keep the lights.  Will play with all that.
      LIonel truck sideframes aren't at all bad looking, just the hideous three-rail wheelsets and couplers; probably they 
      will never quite get around to facilitating conversion the way MTH has.  Mostly I'm just glad to have the full-scale 
      stuff from them.

      Jace Kahn
      General Manager
      Ceres & Canisteo RR Co./Champlain County Traction Co.

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      From: wkburney@...
      Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:15:55 -0600
      Subject: Re: [OSCALEMODELERS] Lionel B&O Wagontop Caboose Conversion

      I converted one of Lionels bay windows.  I used Atlas caboose trucks and they droped right in.  They have pickups I just hooked them to the Lionel wires.  Dont remember the particulars but it was easy as I recall.

      Ken Burney

      On Jan 13, 2014 4:19 PM, "JGG KahnSr" <jacekahn@...> wrote:

      Despite having several brass wagontops, when I saw one of the full-scale Lionels at a show at 
      a quite reasonable price, I couldn't resist it.  While there is no issue with swapping out the wheelsets
      and installing Kadees (been doing it ever since Lionel started offering decent cars--even, with the 
      help of Joe Foehrkolb, did one of their S-2's), I wonder if anyone else has converted one and kept the 
      lighting (I am NOT going to keep the smoke unit--up for grabs to anyone who can use it, all offers 
      considered).  Electronics, especially modern solid state stuff is my Achilles heel.
      MTH is still far easier to convert to two-rail, especially more recent offerings, but not Lionel, at least 
      so far (and maybe never).

      Jace Kahn
      General Manager
      Ceres & Canisteo RR Co./Champlain County Traction Co.

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