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26743Re: [OSCALEMODELERS] Need Help Kit-bashing a Southern Rwy RS2 from a Weaver RS3

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  • mbrestel
    Oct 19, 2013
      Re: [OSCALEMODELERS] Need Help Kit-bashing a Southern Rwy RS2 from a Weaver RS3 For the Southern Sylvan Green, I use Scalecoat II #2019 Southern Green. It’s the right color, it’s made for use on plastics, and its high-gloss finish is made for decals.

      You’re right, the white is not really white at all, but rather a cream. Floquil’s Antique White looks pretty good if you can find a bottle.

      If I were doing this project, I would prime the model with Scalecoat II #2020 MOW Gray, then apply the Floquil Antique White, then the Scalecoat II Southern Green. Since the finish can’t be baked, I allow at least a week between each coat for the paint to cure before spraying the next coat.

      For spraying, Scalecoat II paints should be thinned 50/50 with Scalecoat II thinner.

      Sorry, I don’t know about the stripes.

      Mike Brestel
      Cincinnatti OH

      On 10/19/13 6:05 PM, "oscaledc@..." <oscaledc@...> wrote:



      It seems like I have been collecting articles and parts for this project for nearly 20 years.  This week I got serious and carved up the body of an RS3.  Now I need some advice regarding sources for paint and detail parts suitable for a Southern Railway locomotive.

      1.  What do you use for Southern Green paint?  I see that Floquil has a color called Southern Green, but I'm not sure how available that is anymore.  The cross-reference chart indicated that Model Masters #1764 (European Green) was a possible substitute for the Floquil paint.  I prefer to work with something out of the bottle (or can) rather than mixing my own.

      2.  In the one major color photo that I have, the white band doesn't appear to be true while.  It looks a bit like cream white.  Now, it could be the photo, but what do those of you who model first generation Southern diesels use for the white band.

      3.  How wide are the gold stripes?  On my B&O models, the upper gold stripe is twice as wide as the lower one.  I can't tell for certain on the photos that I have about the Southern diesels.  

      4.  What do you use for the distinctive marker lights?  

      Thanks for reading this far.  All advice and suggestions welcome.

      Ken Nesper
      Washington DC

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