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14043Fundamenta ls of Micr ocontrolle rs (MCU’s) : Hands-on Workshop

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  • Mordechai Brodt
    Nov 26, 2013
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      In case anyone missed this from before, these seminars with free development board may be of interest.


      Dear MORDECHAI,

      Have you registered for this course yet? There's no time to waste! Register today, attend the first two courses and we will ship you the STM32F429 Discovery Board for the remainder of the course*.

      Track: Fundamentals of Microcontrollers (MCU’s): Hands-on Workshop
      Dates: December 2-3 and December 11-13

      Overview: Microcontrollers are making a bigger impact on our lives with each passing day as new devices are released that are ever increasing the connectivity of our world. This course will introduce microcontrollers and how to select the correct one for an application before diving into three hands-on sessions experimenting with a cutting edge STM32F4 Cortex™-M4 microcontroller. Presented by: Jacob Beningo, CSDP 

      This Track Covers: 

      Dec 2: Part I: Introduction to Microcontrollers*(Sign Up Now!)
      Dec 3: Part II: Selecting the Right Microcontroller* (Sign Up Now!)
      Dec 11: Part III: An Overview of the STM32F4 Discovery Board (Hands-On Workshop) (Sign Up Now!)
      Dec 12: Part IV: Digital Signal Processing With the STM32F4 (Hands-On Workshop) (Sign Up Now!)
      Dec 13: Part V: Introduction to Graphics Processing (Hands-On Workshop) (Sign Up Now!)