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JST-SH connector (long shot)

I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for a 4 position JST-SH connector, they are 1mm pitch. Anyone????? :-) Richard.
Richard Sloan
Oct 6

Re: PDF to webpages conversion

Copy from pdf to word save as .html Sent from my iPhone
Oct 2

PDF to webpages conversion

Anyone able to recommend a method for taking a PDF, which has an index on the first few pages and create webpages that also have an index page, and a separate
Richard Sloan
Oct 2

Re: [OEC_list] Project boxes out of 2x4

You can also use a scroll saw as well and a router with a plunge ability Sent from my iPhone
Sep 22

Project boxes out of 2x4

Wow, a simple and quick (if you have a bandsaw) idea:
Richard P Cook
Sep 22

A DIY Mobile Soldering Iron | Hackaday

http://hackaday.com/2015/09/16/a-diy-mobile-soldering-iron/ This sounds very interesting for portable work! Richard Cook
Richard P Cook
Sep 20

Re: Clearing out some space.... Desktops, Projector, Project boxes,

Andrew, what is the model number of the projector so I can look up the specs? I am looking to donate a projector to the Makerspace but would like to find
Richard P Cook
Sep 18

Clearing out some space.... Desktops, Projector, Project boxes, SMAR

I need to free up some space for new projects - so I am trying to find new homes for some technology..... Prices are firm - but willing to trade if you have
Andrew Barbour
Sep 18

Meeting Notice!

Last minute meeting notice... one of these days I'll fix that auto-messenger robot. The ORE meeting is tonight at 7pm at the fantastic Maker Space North! Any
Sep 14

Re: 2 ITX mother boards

Richard: I can make this happen for you. I'll e-mail you direct. Albert. On 15-09-09 12:00 AM, Richard Sloan themindfactory@... [ORE_bits]
Albert den Haan
Sep 9

2 ITX mother boards

I have 2 Alix.1D motherboards and WIFI mini PCI cards, they a fanless and can work as excellent access points and routers if you have linux skills which I do
Richard Sloan
Sep 8

Re: Where to get bulk 0.1" pitch connectors KK compatible shells and

I have much more of that stuff than I need so I can sell you a bunch of it. Guy On 8 September 2015 at 19:42, Albert den Haan albert.denhaan@...
Sep 8

Re: Where to get bulk 0.1" pitch connectors KK compatible shells and

I normally get that stuff from Digikey - they sell them, and typically for a reasonable price. - Jon On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 7:42 PM, Albert den Haan
Jon Hylands
Sep 8

Where to get bulk 0.1" pitch connectors KK compatible shells and pol

Hello all! A few years ago (I'm afraid to look at how long) There was a bulk buy of 0.1" pitch KK compatible shells and polarized headers. Where is a good
Albert den Haan
Sep 8

Closed Bidding - Assorted Transformers - GCSurplus

I have enough transformers but in case any of you want to run 230V at 3A or less, you can reverse these transformers for step-up ! Used one to power a UPS that
Richard P Cook
Sep 2
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