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11 Nov Almanac

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  • James F
    Singers who were born on 11 November Alessandro Moreschi Castrato Born 11 Nov 1858 Rome Died 21 Apr 1921 Teacher :- Gaetano Capocci Cecile Merguiller
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      Singers who were born on 11 November
      Alessandro Moreschi Castrato
      Born 11 Nov 1858 Rome Died 21 Apr 1921
      Teacher :-    Gaetano Capocci
      Cecile Merguiller Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1861 Paris Died 1938
      Debut in Toreador (Adam) 1881
      Sang in premiere of Madame Turlupin (Guiraud)
      Emma Zilli Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1864 Fagnana Udine Died Jan 1901
      Debut as Paolina in Poliuto (Donizetti) 1887
      Created Alice Ford in Falstaff (Verdi)
                    Pepita Jimenez in Pepita Jimenez (Albeniz)
      Elena Gerhardt Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1883 Leipzig Died 11 Jan 1961
      Debut as Mignon in Mignon (Thomas) 8 July 1905
      Teacher :-    Marie Hedmont
      Pupils     :-   Michelle Bonhomme, Derek Hammond-Stroud, Peter Pears
                         Flora Nielsen, Winifred Cecil, Joyce Mary Gow, Helga Mott
                         Cynthia Laurie, Joan Seymour
      Maria Basilides Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1886 Hungary Died 26 Nov 1946
      Debut in Quo Vadis (Nougues) 1911
      Created Widow in Spinning Room (Kodaly)
      Gertrud Grob-Prandl Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1917 Vienna Died 16 May 1995
      Debut as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) 1939
      Teacher :-    Teresina Singer, Burian
      Lucia Popp Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1939 Uhorska Ves Died 16 Nov 1993
      Debut as Queen of Night in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1963
      Teacher :-    Anna Prosence-Hrusouska
      Britt Marie Aruhn Soprano
      Born 11 Nov 1943 Motola Sweden
      Debut as Olympia in Contes D'Hoffmann (Offenbach) 1974
      Created Chief of Secret Police in Grande Macabre (Ligeti)
      Singers who died on 11 November
      Ippolit Pryanishnikov Baritone / Teacher of Singing
      Born 26 Aug 1847 Kerch Died 11 Nov 1921
      Debut in Maria di Rohan (Donizetti) 1876
      Teachers:-    Achille Corsi, Ronconi
      Pupils     :-    Georgy Baklanov, Nikolai Bolshakov, Nikolai Figner
                          Elena Katulskaya, Eugenia Mravina, Felix Senius, Maria Slavina
      Created Lionel in Maid of Orleans (Tchaikovsky)
                    Mizgir in Snow Maiden (Rimsky-Korsakov)
      Walter Hyde Tenor / Teacher of Singing
      Born 6 February 1875 Birmingham Died 11 Nov 1951
      Debut 1905
      Teachers:-    George Arnold Breeden, Gustave Garcia, Walter Parratt,
                            Charles Stanford,
      Pupils     :-    Gwen Catley, Geraint Evans, Jack Freestone, David Lloyd
                            Eric Shilling, Richard Standen, Norman Walker, Cynthia Jolly
                            George Armitage, Alexander Young
      Created Troubadour in Perfect Fool (Holst)
                    Borachio in Much Ado About Nothing (Stanford)
      Sang in premiere of Vicar of Wakefield (Liza Lehmann)
      Cesar Vezzani Tenor
      Born 8 Aug 1888 Bastia Died 11 Nov 1951
      Debut in Richard Coeur de Lion (Gretry) 17 Dec 1911
      Pupil     :-    Pia Tassinari
      Poul Hanson Tenor
      Born 3 Apr 1886 Copenhagen Died 11 Nov 1967
      Debut Sverkal in Liden Kirsten (Hartmann) 1908
      Teachers:-    Albert Hoeberg, Lilli Lehmann, Richard Loewe, Hermann Spiro
                           Louise Reuss-Belce
      Bice Adami Soprano
      Born 16 Mar 1875 San Dona Di Piave Died 11 Nov 1969
      Debut as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni)
      Teacher :-    Iris Adami Corradetti (daughter)
      Sang in premiere of Le Maschere (Mascagni)
      Giuseppe Zampieri Tenor
      Born 24 May 1921 Verona Died 11 Nov 1981
      Debut 1951
      Teachers:-    Barona Barra, Gina Cigna
      Please post any additions, corrections or comments.
      Regards James
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