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May 1, 2004

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    May 1, 2004 BIRTHDAY – SINGER Appel, Wolf (t) (1942-1999) Ger. (57) b. Senftenberg, May 1, 1942; d. Dec. 22, 1999: Nespoulos, Marthe (s) (1894-1961) (68) b.
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      May 1, 2004

      Appel, Wolf (t) (1942-1999) Ger. (57) b. Senftenberg, May 1, 1942;
      d. Dec. 22, 1999:

      Nespoulos, Marthe (s) (1894-1961) (68) b. May 1, 1894: Aug. 6, 1962:

      DEATH: Oxilia, Giuseppe (t) (1865-1919) It. (54) b. Montevideo
      1865; d. Milan, May, 1, 1919:

      Pollak, Anna (s) (1912-1996) Eng. (81) b. Manchester, May 1, 1915;
      d. Hove, Nov. 28, 1996:

      Nuibo, Augustin [aka. Francisco Nuibo] (t) (74) 1874-1948) Fr. (74)
      b. Marseilles, May 1, 1874; d. 1948: He was a respected member of
      the Paris Opéra from 1900. He formed a vocal conservatory in
      Montmartre that offered free instruction to poor students. MET:
      Début Concerts: Nov. 27, 1904, 1 season, 6 perf. 3 roles, Opera
      Début: Gounod: [Roméo] Roméo et Juliette, Jan. 20, 1905.

      New Orleans: The first opera performance that can be dated took
      place in May 1796, André Grétry's "Silvain" was performed at the
      Théåtre St. Pierre.

      Bing, Nina (wife of Sir Rudolph) (1897-1983) b. May 1, 1897; d.
      Dec. 21, 1983.

      BOERO: Felipe (com/opera) (1884-1958) Argentinean. b. Buenos Aires,
      May 1, 1884; d. There, Aug. 9, 1958: Opera: "Tucumá"
      (1918); "Ariana y Dionisios" Buenos Aires (1920); "Las Bacantes"
      Buenos Aires (1925); "Raquela" (1929); "El Matrero"
      (1929); "Siripo" Buenos Aires (1937).

      GAGLIANO: Marco da (com/opera) (1582-1643) It. b. Florence, May 1,
      1582; d. Florence, Feb. 25, 1643: Opera: "La Dafne" (Mantua,
      1608); "Lo sposalizio di Medoro e Angelica" (collaboration w/J.
      Peri, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, 1619); "La Flora, avero Il natal di
      Fiori" (assisted by J. Peri, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, 1628); "La
      liberazione di Tirreno e d'Arneo" (may be by Gagliano or Peri,
      Florence, 1617).

      Bertini, Gary (con/opera) Moldovian. b. Brichevo, Moldova, May 1,
      1927; Israli of Moldovian birth. Début: Scottish Opera (1927).

      LEIPSIG: Marie Lehmann (s) (1851-1931) Ger. (1867).

      VENICE: Nicola Rossai-Lemeni (bs) (1920-1991) Russ-born. Mussorgsky:
      [Varlaam] Boris Godunov (1946).

      Benda: "Medea" Leipzig (1775)
      Benoit: May premier: "Sampiero Corso" Bordeaux (1956).

      BOÏTO: "Nerone" La Scala, 1924; after 50 years the work was never
      completed. The orchestra score was revised by Toscanini and
      performed by him. Ezio Pinza (bs) (1892-1957) It. leading part.
      w/Carlo Galeffi (b) (1882-1961) It.

      CHABRIER: "Une Éducation manquée" Paris (1879).

      Cherubini/Berton/Boieldieu/Kreutzer/Paër: "Blanche de Provemce, ou
      La Cour de Fées" Paris (1821).

      COLASSE: "La naissance de Vénus" Paris (1696).
      Conforto: May Premier "Ezio" Reggio Emilia (1754).
      CAVALLI: "Giasone" Venice (1649).
      DELIBES: "Le Jardinier et son seigneur" Paris (1863).
      DITTERSDORF: "Il maniscalco" operetta giocosa, Johannesburg (1775).

      DITTERSDORF: "Il viaggiatore americano in Joannesberg" Johannesburg
      (1771, lost).

      DITTERSDORF: "Il tutore e la pupilla" dramma giocoso, Johannesburg
      Granval: "Les Fiancés de Rose" Paris (1868).
      HANDEL: "Giove in Argo" London (1739).
      HASSE: May premier: "Attalo, re di Bitinia" Naples (1728).
      HASSE: May premier: "Dalisa" Venice (1730).
      HASSE: May premier: "Euristeo" (1732).
      Méhul: "La jeunesse d'Henri IV" Paris (1797).
      MOZART: "Die verstellte Gärtnerin" singspiel, Augsburg (1780).
      MOZART: "La finta semplice" Salzburg (1769).
      MOZART: "Le nozze di Figaro" Vienna (1786).
      Peri: May premier: "Adone" (1611; np).
      SOUSA: "Desiree" Operetta, Washington (1884).

      In Mozart's Idomeneo, the role of Idamante is usually sung by what
      voice type?

      a. Tenor.
      b. Bass.
      c. Baritone.
      d. None of the above.

      ANSWER: a. Tenor: This is the best answer, the role can be sung
      by a Tenor, Soprano.


      The reference material for this posting, was researched and obtained
      from many sources. Including: internet web sites, encyclopedias,
      dictionaries, biographical publications, newspapers, my local
      Library, information furnished by forum members, the Metropolitan
      Annuals, my own reference library consisting of; complete Opera
      scores and libretti, biographical publications, Opera News, numerous
      publications on the subject of opera and opera singers, and of
      course, my personal recollections. Walter R. Lonis
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