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April 3, 2004

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    April 3, 2004 BIRTHDAY – SINGERS Borso, Umberto (t) b. Apr. 3, 1923; Cunitz, Maud (s) (1911-1987) Eng. (76) b. London, Apr. 3, 1911; d. July 22, 1987: Delna,
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      April 3, 2004

      Borso, Umberto (t) b. Apr. 3, 1923;

      Cunitz, Maud (s) (1911-1987) Eng. (76) b. London, Apr. 3, 1911; d.
      July 22, 1987:

      Delna, Marie (c) (1875-1932) Fr. (57) b. Meudan, Apr. 3, 1875: d.
      June 24, 1932: (An anagram of her real name, Ledan) MET: Début:
      Jan. 29, 1910 [Orfeo] Orfeo ed Euridice, 1 season (1909-1910) 10
      perf., 2 works.

      Dumont, Fernand (bs) b. Apr. 3, 1940;

      Hansen, Paul (t/b) (1886-1967) Dane. (81) b. Copenhagen, Apr. 3,
      1886; d. Nov. 11, 1967:

      Huni-Mihacsek, Felicie (s) (1891-1976) Ger. (84) b. Pécs, Apr. 3,
      1891; d. Munich, Mar. 26, 1976:

      Hynninen, Jorma (b) Fin. b. Leppävirta, Finland, Apr. 3, 1941;
      MET: Début: Mar. 30, 1984 [Rodrigo] Don Carlo, 6 seasons (1983-84,
      85-87, 88-89, 90-92) 26 perf., 4 works.

      Labia, Fausta (s) (1870-1935) It. (65) b. Verona, Apr. 3, 1870; d.
      Oct. 6 1935:

      Lackovic, Olga (m/s) Serbo-Croatian. b. Montenegro, Apr. 3, 1937;

      Lobel, Hans (b) (1906-1971) Ger. (64) b. Dresden, Apr. 3, 1906; d.
      Mar. 17, 1971:

      Loeffel, Felix (bs) (1892-1981) Swiss. (89) b. Niedenwangen, Apr. 3,
      1892; d. May 31, 1981:

      Loup, François (bs) cit. Fr/Swiss. b. Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland,
      Apr. 3, 1940; MET: Début: Mar. 27, 1991 [Bartolo] Le Nozze di
      Figaro, 7 seasons (1990-91, 92-98) 84 perf., 8 works.

      Meyer, Kerstin (s/m/s) Swed. b. Apr. 3, 1928; MET: Début: Oct.
      29, 1960 [Carmen] Carmen, 3 seasons (1960-63) 16 perf., 3 works.

      DEATH: Nadal, Juan (t) (1881-1962) (81) b. 1881; d. Apr. 3, 1962:

      Peterson, Barr (bs) U.S. b. Mason City, IA, Apr. 3, 1924;

      Poli-Randaccio, Tina (s) (1887-1956) It. (69) b. Ferrara, Apr. 3,
      1879; d. Milan, Feb. 10, 1956:

      Wackers, Coba (s) (1909-1985) (76) b. Apr. 3, 1909; d. Oct. 22,

      DEATH: de Pasquali, Bernice [orig. Bernice James] [aka. Emma
      Laurier] (s) (1880-1925) U.S. b. Boston, 1880; d. Apr. 3, 1925: She
      studied in Milan and in New York. She made her debut in Milan
      [Gilda] Rigoletto (1900). She married Italian tenor Pietro de
      Pasquali who put together his own opera troupe, which included his
      wife as principal soprano. They toured the United States. It has
      been reported that her Metropolitan Opera début came when she
      replaced an ill Marcella Sembrich as [Susanna] in a performance of
      Le Nozze di Figaro. Reportedly, she appeared as the [Priestess] for
      a performance of Aida, under the pseudonym of Emma Laurier, a
      practice that singers sometimes applied when they chose not to have
      a billing. She sang at San Francisco in a Benefit Concert for the
      Widows and Orphans of the Italian Soldiers (1915), and she sang at a
      concert at the Panama-California Exposition, San Diego (1916), she
      sang before more than 10,000 persons at the Organ Pavilion. MET:
      Début: Jan. 2, 1909 [Violetta] La Traviata, 6 seasons (1908-14) 56
      perf., 12 works.

      DEATH: CORSELLI: Francesco (com/opera) It. b.Piacenza, c. 1702; d.
      Madrid, Apr. 3, 1778: Opera: "Venere placata" (Venice, 1731); "Nino"
      (Venice, 1732); "La Cautela en la amistad y el robo de las Sabinas"
      (Madrid, 1735); "Alessandro nell'Indie" (Madrid, 1738), "Farnace"
      (Madrid, 1739); "Achille in Sciro" (Madrid, 1744); "La clemencia de
      Tito" (Madrid, 1747, w/com. Corradini, & Mele); "El Polifemo"
      (Madrid, 1748, w/com. Corradini, &Mele); "L'Asilo d'Amore" (Madrid,
      1750); "Il Cuoco o sia il Marchese del Bosco" (?).

      DE KOVEN: [Henry Louis] Reginald (com/opera) b. Middletown, MD,
      Apr. 3, 1859; d. Chicago, Jan. 16, 1920: Operettas: "The Begum"
      (Philadelphia, 1887); "Don Quixote" (Boston, 1889); "Robin Hood"
      (Chicago, 1890; as "Maid Marion," London 1891, the song `O Promise
      Me' was introduced into the score shortly after its 1st
      perf); ); "The Fencing Master" (Boston, 1892); "The Knickerbockers"
      (Boston, 1893); "The Algerian" (Philadelphia, 1893); "Rob Roy"
      (Detroit, 1894); "The Tzigane" (N.Y., 1895); "The Mandarin"
      (Cleveland, 1896); "The Paris Doll" (Hartford, CT, 1897); "The
      Highwayman" (New Haven, CT, 1897); "The Three Dragoons" (N.Y.,
      1899); "Red Feather" (N.Y., 1903); "Happyland" (N.Y.,
      1905); "Student King" (N.Y., 1906; "The "Golden Butterfly" (N.Y.,
      1907); "The Beauty Spot" (N.Y., 1909); "The Wedding Trip" (N.Y.,
      1911); "Her Little Highness" (N.Y., 1913); Opera: "The Canterbury
      Pilgrims" (Met. N.Y., 1917); "Rip van Winkle" (Chicago Grand Opera,

      Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario (com/opera) (1895-1968) It. b. Florence,
      Apr. 3, 1895; d. Los Angeles, Mar. 17, 1968: One of the leading
      Italian composers of the 1920-30s, as a Jew he left Italy in 1939,
      and lived for the rest of his life in the U.S. Opera: "The Merchant
      of Venice" (Florence, 1961), "All's Well That Ends Well"
      unperformed, & chamber opera, "The Importance of Being Earnest"
      Italian radio.

      Ehrling, Sixten (Evert) (con/opera) b. Malmo, Sweden, April 3,
      1918; Studied piano and violin. Received the coveted Jenny Lind
      scholarship in 1939, and joined the Dresden State Opera where he
      worked under Karl Bohn. Ehrling, the Premier Royal Court Conductor
      of Sweden by King Gustav VI in 1953, is recognized as the foremost
      Swedish conductor of this century. During his career, which spans
      five decades, he has conducted nearly all of the great orchestras
      and foremost opera houses of the world.

      MET: Ernest Ansermet, (con/opera) (1883-1969) Swed. Les Sylphides

      LA SCALA: 1ST "Jenufa" w/Grace Bumbary (s) [Jenufa]; Magda Olivero
      [Kostelnicka] Robleto Merolla (b) [Luca]; Renato Cioni (t) [Steva].

      MET: Sarah Charles-Cahier (m/s) Verdi: [Azucena] Il Trovatore
      MET: Christiane Éda-Pierre (s) Mozart: Abduction from Seraglio
      MET: Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic (s) Verdi: [Aida] Aida (1976).
      MET: Magda Olivero (s) at age 63. Puccini: [Tosca] Tosca (1975).

      BOHEMIA: Reichenberg Theater, Julius Patzak (t) Austrian. [Radames]
      Aida (1926).

      MET: Madelyn Renée (s) Fr. Has sung at Opéra Comique (1985);
      Vienna, Miami, Budapest, Genoa, Florence, Berlin, and La Scala.
      MET: Début: Apr. 3. 1986 [Priestess] Aida, 1 season (1985-86) 2
      perf., 1 work.

      MET: Anna Tomowa-Sintow (s) Mozart: [Donna Anna] Don Giovann (1978).

      ALFANO: "L'ombra di Don Giovanni" La Scala (1914); w/Amleto
      Barbieri (b) (1883-1957) It. [Rinuccio].

      Berwald: "Drottningen av Golconda" Stockholm (1968); 100th
      anniversary of
      Berwald's death..

      BUSH: "Wat Tyler" Berlin, Radio, 1952; Leipzig 1953).
      CANTELOUBE: "Le Mas" Paris (1929).
      Egk: "Fürchtlosigkeit und Wohlwollen" Baden-Baden (1936).
      Engel: "Pierrot of the Minuet" Cincinnati (1928).
      Flotow: "Le Duc de Guise" Paris (1840).
      FRIML: "Cinders" New York (1923).
      Holst: "At the Boar's Head" Manchester (1925).
      Massenet: "La Grand'tante" Paris (1867).

      A secret organization is created to fight Napoleon's rising power.
      Two of its members, Worms and Loewe, are rivals for Ricke's love.
      Loewe wins and marries her. Worms and Loewe become bitter enemies,
      later, Ricke finds them both dead on the battle field. What is the
      name of this opera? (10)

      a. Der Prinz wilder Willen. Opera by Otto Lohse.
      b. Carmina Burana. (Cantata)
      c. La Habanera. Opera by Laparra.
      d. Germania. Opera by Franchetti.
      e. Le nozze di Teti e di Peleo. The wedding of Thetis and Peleus by

      ANSWER: d. Germania. Opera by Franchetti. Premier La Scala (1902).


      The reference material for this posting, was researched and obtained
      from many sources. Including: internet web sites, encyclopedias,
      dictionaries, biographical publications, newspapers, my local
      Library, information furnished by forum members, the Metropolitan
      Annuals, my own reference library consisting of; complete Opera
      scores and libretti, biographical publications, Opera News, numerous
      publications on the subject of opera and opera singers, and of
      course, my personal recollections. Walter R. Lonis
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