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April 2, 2004

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    April 2, 2004 BIRTHDAY – SINGER Bockelmann, Rudolf (bs/b) (1892-1958) Ger. (66) b. Bodenteich, Apr. 2, 1892; d. Oct 9, 1958: Cantelo, April (s) b. Apr. 2,
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      April 2, 2004

      Bockelmann, Rudolf (bs/b) (1892-1958) Ger. (66) b. Bodenteich, Apr.
      2, 1892; d. Oct 9, 1958:

      Cantelo, April (s) b. Apr. 2, 1926/28;

      Delhaye, Albert (t) (1916-1978) Belgian. (62) b. Dour, Apr. 2, 1916;
      d. Brussels, 1978:

      Dickey, Murry (t) (1924-1995) Scot. (70) b. nr Glasgow, April 2,
      1924. d. Jan. 19, 1995: MET: Début Oct. 18, 1962 [David] Die
      Meistersinger von

      Nürnberg, 6-seasons (1962-65, 66-67, 70-72) 34-perf. 3 roles.
      Ericson, Barbro (m/s) Swed. b. Halmsted, Apr. 2, 1930;

      van Dyck, Ernest (t) (1861-1923) Belgian. (62) b. Antwerp, Apr, 2
      1861; d. Berlaer-lez-Lierre, Aug. 31, 1923: MET: Début Nov. 9, 1898
      [Tannhäuser] Tannhäuser 4-seasons (1898-1902) 113-perf. of 7-roles.

      Marculescu, Iolanda (s) b. Bucharest, Apr. 2, 1923; Début 1949

      Martinoiu, Vasile (b) Romainian. b. Tirgo-Jiu, Apr. 2, 1934;

      Roesler, Frantisek (b) b. Brno, Apr. 2, 1914; Sang in premiere of
      Zenichove (Fischer Jan Hus [Horky].

      Uhl, Fritz (t) (1928-2001) Austrian. (73) b. Vienna, Apr. 2, 1928;
      d. May 21, 2001:

      Vanzo, Alain (t) (1928-2002) Fr. (73) b. Monaco, Apr. 2, 1928; d.
      Gournay, Jan. 27, 2002: He was a tenor of great French tradition.
      Vanzo won an international tenor competition in Cannes (1954).
      Actually there were five winners, Gustave Botiaux, Guy Chauvet,
      Roger Gardes, Tony Poncet, and Alain Vanzo. He sang with Sutherland
      in her spectacular [Lucia] (1959). He sang with Monserrat Caballé
      at Carnegie Hall Lucrezia Borgia (1965). Vanzo was active as a
      composer, his operetta Pecheurs d`etoile premiered at Lille (1972),
      and opera Les Chouans, had its premier in Avignon. His last
      important appearance was as Robert le Diable, with June Anderson and
      Samuel Ramey, at Gatnier (1985). Vanzo active as a singer into the
      mid-1990's, and taught voice until he had a stroke. More

      FERRARI: Giacomo (com/opera) (1763-1842) It. Baptised, Rovereto
      1763; d. London, Dec. ? 1842: Opera: "Les événements imprévus"
      (Paris, 1791); "Isabelle de Salisburi" (Paris, 1791, w/com.
      Mengozzi); "I due svizzeri" (London, 1799); "Il Rinaldo d'Asti"
      (London, 1802); "L'eroina di Raab" (London, 1813); "Lo sbaglio
      fortunato" (London, 1817).

      Adler, Kurt Herbert (con/opera) (1905-1988) Austrian/Am. b. Vienna,
      Apr. 2 1905; d. Ross, Ca., Feb. 9, 1988: As the dark cloud of
      Naziism descended upon central Europe, he moved to the U.S.
      Associated with the Chicago, and San Francisco Opera Companies; he
      was the Director of the San Francisco Opera (1956-81).

      LONDON: CG. Emma Albani (s) (1847-1930) Can. [Amina] La Sonnambula

      MET: Radmila Bakocevic, (s) Yugoslavian. MET: Début: Apr. 2, 1968
      [Cio-Cio-San] Madama Butterfly, 2 seasons (1967-69) 8 perf., 5 works.

      MILAN: Alice Barbi (m/s) (1862-1948) It. 1882.
      MET: Richard Best (bs) U.S. [Apprentice] Wozzeck (1969)..
      MET: Guy Chauvet (t) Fr.) [Samson] Samson et Dalila (1977).

      MET: Catherine Christensen (s) Sang Carmen in Israel, also sang in
      Kansas City and New Orleans. MET: Début: [Singer] Dance Works
      Concerning Oracles: Apr, 2, 1966, 1 season (1965-66) 2 perf., 1 work.

      MET: Jean Cox (t) Wagner: [Walther] Die Meistersinger (1962).

      MET: Nancy Williams (m/s) U.S. b. Cleveland OH, 1935; MET: Début:
      Apr. 2, 1966: Dance Work, [Singer] Concerning Oracles, 4 seasons
      (1965-68, 72-73) 124 perf., 16 works.

      PARIS: Concert: Ninon Vallin (s) (1886-1961) Fr. Debussy:
      Demoiselle Elue, 1911.

      COPENHAGEN: Royal Opera School: Lauritz Melchior (b/t) (1890-1973)
      Dane. [Silvio] I Pagliacci (1913).

      Antheil: "The Wish" Louisville, KY (1955).
      Cherubini: "La finta principessa" London (1785).
      Hass: "Charlatan" Brno (1938).
      Huber: "Die schöne Bellina" Bern (1916).
      Offenbach: "Trombalcazar, ou Les Criminels dramatiques" Paris
      Pfitzner: "Der arme Heinrich" (Poor Henry) Mainz (1895).
      Rota: "La scuola di aguida" Spoleto (1959).

      A secret organization is created to fight Napoleon's rising power.
      Two of its members, Worms and Loewe, are rivals for Ricke's love.
      Loewe wins and marries her. Worms and Loewe become bitter enemies,
      later, Ricke finds them both dead on the battle field. What is the
      name of this opera? (10)
      Take a guess.

      a. Der Prinz Wilder Willen.
      b. Carmina Burana.
      c. La Habanera.
      d. Germania.
      e. Le nozze di Teti e di Peleo.


      The reference material for this posting, was researched and obtained
      from many sources. Including: internet web sites, encyclopedias,
      dictionaries, biographical publications, newspapers, my local
      Library, information furnished by forum members, the Metropolitan
      Annuals, my own reference library consisting of; complete Opera
      scores and libretti, biographical publications, Opera News, numerous
      publications on the subject of opera and opera singers, and of
      course, my personal recollections. Walter R.
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