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April 1, 2004

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    April 1, 2004 BIRTHDAY – SINGER Esser, Hermin (t) Ger. b. Rheydt, Apr. 1, 1928; DEATH: (April) Gavarini, Renato (t) 1919-2003) It. (84) b. Parma, 1919; d.
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      April 1, 2004

      Esser, Hermin (t) Ger. b. Rheydt, Apr. 1, 1928;

      DEATH: (April) Gavarini, Renato (t) 1919-2003) It. (84) b. Parma,
      1919; d. Apr. 2003:

      Howell, John Daggett (b) (1911-1969) U.S. b. California, Apr. 1,
      1911; d. NYC, June 9, 1969:

      Zanelli, Renato (b/t) (1892-1935) Chilean. (42) b. Valparaiso, Apr.
      1, 1892; d. Mar. 25, 1935: His mother was Chilean and his father was
      Italian, and his brother was baritone, Carlo Morelli [Zanelli] (b)
      (1898-1970) Chileian. Zanelli studied in Santiago, making his
      début: as a baritone [Valentin] Faust (1916). With advise he
      changed to tenor, and after a year's intensive study, he made his
      tenor début Naples [Raoul] followed by [Alfredo] and other more
      lyric tenor parts. He sang Otello, for the first time, at Turin
      (1926), and the same role for his CG début (1928). Zanelli, was
      considered to be the finest Otello since Tamagno. He also became
      the leading Wagnerian tenor in Italy, and sang [Tristan],
      [Lohengrin], and [Siegmund]. Zanelli created the leading tenor role
      in Pizzetti's Lo Straniero, Rome (1930). He had brief appearances
      in concerts in the U.S. (1934). His last appearance was in Otello,
      at the Opera House of Santiago de Chile (1935). He died soon
      afterwards of kidney cancer. He made acoustic records as a
      baritone, and electric recordings as a tenor. MET: Début Nov. 19,
      1919 [Amonasro] Aida, 4 seasons, 31 perf. 6-roles.

      BUSONI: Ferruccio [Dante Michelangiolo Benvenuto] (con/com/opera)
      (1866-1924) It. b. Empoli, nr Florence, Apr. 1, 1866; d. Berlin,
      July 27, 1924: Opera: "Sigune, oder Das vergessene Dorf"
      (1889), "Die Brautwahl" (1912), "Turandot" (1917), "Arlecchino"
      (1917), "Doktor Faust" (1925).

      KAUFMANN: Walter (com opera/con) (1907-1984) Ger/Am. b. Karlsbad,
      Apr. 1, 1907; d. Bloomington, IN, Sep. 9, 1984: Opera: "Der grosse
      Dorin" (1932); "Der Hammel bringt es an den Tag" (1932); "Esther"
      (1931-32); "Die weisse Göttin" (1933); "Asasuya" (radio opera,
      Bombay, 1938); "The Cloak" (after Gogel, 1933-55); "A Parfait for
      Irene" (Bloomington, 1952); "The Tesearch (1951); "The Golden Touch"
      (short children's opera, 1953); "Christmas Slip[pers" (television
      opera, 1955); "Sganarelle" (1955); "George from Paradise"
      (1958); "Paracelsus" (1958); "The Scarlet Letter" (after Hawthorne,
      Bloomington, 1961); "A Hoosier Tale" (Bloomington, 1966); "Rip van
      Winkle" (short children's opera, 1966).

      RACHMANINOFF: Sergei [Vassilievich] (com/opera) (1873-1943) Rus/Am.
      b. Apr. 1, 1873; d. Mar. 28, 1943: Opera: "Esmeralda" (introduction
      to Act I and fragment of Act 3 only completed, 1888); "Aleko"
      Moscow, 1893), "The Miserly Knight" (Moscow, 1906); "Francesca da
      Rimini" (Moscow, 1906); "Monna Vanna" (piano score of Act I and
      sketches of Act II only completed).

      MET: Last Appearance: Maria Callas (s) (1923-1977) U.S/Grk. [Tosca]
      Tosca (1965).

      MET: Farewell: Kirsten Flagstad (s) (1895-1962) Norwegian. [Alceste]
      Alceste (1952).

      MET: Ottaviano Naghiu (t) [Cavaradosi] Tosca (1969); MET: 3
      seasons (1968-71) 17 perf., 7 works.

      ARNE: T. "Henry and Emma, or The Nut-brown Maid " London (1749).
      AUBER: "Le lac des fées" Paris (1839).
      Brants Buy: "Die drei Schneider von Schönau" Dresden (1916).
      CIMAROSA: "Amor rende sagace" Vienna (1793).
      COPLAND: "The Tender land" New York (1954).
      DE FALLA: "La vida breve" Nice, 1913.
      Delannoy: "Arlequin radiophile" chamber opera, Paris, 1946.

      HINES: Philadelphia (1969); "I Am The Way" w/Jerome Hines (bs) (1921-
      2003) U.S. [Jesus]; Lucia Evangelista (s); Janis Matise (m/s) and
      Roger Blake (1969).

      (Note: Janis Matise (m/s); lives in the Denver area, and we talked
      a short time ago while dinning in down town Littleton) wlonis

      Hoddinott: "The Trumpet Major" Manchester, England (1981).

      KEISER: Premier (April) "Die entdeckte Verstellung oder Die geheime
      Liebe der Diana" Hamburg (1712).

      Massenet: "Amadis" Monte Carlo (1922).
      Menotti: "Amelia al balla" Philadelphia, (1937).

      Godard: "La Vivandière" unfinished; orchestration completed by Paul
      Vidal, Paris (1895).

      Gounod: "Le Tribut de Zamora" Paris (1881).
      Gounod: "Polyeucte" Paris (1878).
      PASATIERI: "Inez de Castro" Baltimore (1976).
      Stolz: "Mädi" operetta, Vienna, 1923.
      Stolz: "Wenn die kleinen Veilchen blühen" operetta, Hague, 1932.
      Tal: NYCO, U.S. Premier. "Ashmeda" w/Patricia Craig (s) [Landlady]

      Originally, Giulio Cesare in Egito, an opera by Handel, featured
      what voice type for Giulio Cesare?

      a. Baritone.
      b. mezzo-soprano.
      c. Castrato.
      d. Tenor.
      e. Bass.

      ANSWER: b. & c. Castrato Mezzo-soprano. The role is now sung by
      a Baritone.


      The reference material for this posting, was researched and obtained
      from many sources. Including: internet web sites, encyclopedias,
      dictionaries, biographical publications, newspapers, my local
      Library, information furnished by forum members, the Metropolitan
      Annuals, my own reference library consisting of; complete Opera
      scores and libretti, biographical publications, Opera News, numerous
      publications on the subject of opera and opera singers, and of
      course, my personal recollections. Walter R. Lonis
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