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April Fool

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    April 1, 2004 Unable to post, my server was down until just now. APRIL FOOL POSTING The names used in this Fun posting, are members of various opera forums.
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      April 1, 2004

      Unable to post, my server was down until just now.

      The names used in this "Fun" posting, are members of various opera
      forums. I would hope that no one would be offended by this moment
      of silliness, because no offence was intended?

      Denver: Brian Harrison (t) U.S. Bellini: "I Puritani" Mile-high
      Denver, Apr. 1, 2003: (Harrison sang the highest note ever
      performed in public; high c above c² + 1 mile). Next year Harrison
      plans to travel to Leadville, Colorado, with an elevation of 10,152
      feet above sea level, he hopes to set an even higher record. (Good
      Luck, take oxygen with you) wlonis

      Director: The Grand Italian Opera Company announces the appointment
      of Maestro William F. Ramsay, Interamente intorno al tipo piacevole,
      (All around nice guy) as the new Artistic Director. The position
      has an annual salary of 1,355 Billion lire.

      NOLRC: National Organization of Living Room Conductors: Alan
      Margolies (living/room/con) the national spokesperson for LOLRC,
      recently set a personnel milestone by conducting all nine Beethoven
      symphonies, from his living room, in just under 8 hours. His
      previous attempt was 26 hours; (the needle had stuck during the
      second movement of the 3rd symphony, and his wife was out of town
      visiting her sick brother, therefore, there was no one available to
      help with this problem, until his wife arrived home the following
      morning). Subsequently, Margolies has created the position of
      Assistant Living Room Conductors (ALRC). He appointed his wife as
      the very first ALRC, a lifetime appointment. The only qualification
      to becoming a ALRC, is that the ALRC must be in attendance during
      all home performances. For membership in either organization call 1-
      800- NOLRC.

      MET: New production, world premier: Seth Davis (bs) [Latrine
      Lawyer] "The Trials of O. J. Simpson" (A comedy in 3 acts) (2004).

      MET: Susi Schneider (s) Puccini: [Sour Angelica] "Sour Angelica"

      MET: Dan Richards (t) [1st man]; Lenny Goran (bs); [2nd man]; Jerry
      Braunstein (bs) [3rd man]; "Three Grumpy Old Men" by Rockmanyknock
      A. Fingeroff.


      Rare Caruso Recording: Victrola Red Seal: 12 inch 78-rpm, Puccini:
      Turandot `Nessun dorma' guaranteed to have never been played on any
      phonograph. (Comes with a certificate of authenticity)

      The only acoustic recording made of this aria by Enrico Caruso.
      Starting bid $500.00;

      Very easy question. How many operas did Donizetti compose? (10)
      Name them in order (10) And for an additional (25) points, their
      cast and premier dates. No peeking!

      Have a great opera day!

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