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March 31, 2004

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  • Walter R. Lonis
    March 31, 2004 BIRTHDAY – SINGER de Trévi, José (t) (1890-1978) Belgian. b. Liège, Mar. 31, 1890; d. Brussels, Jan 21, 1978: Dierich, Carl (t)
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      March 31, 2004

      de Trévi, José (t) (1890-1978) Belgian. b. Liège, Mar. 31, 1890; d.
      Brussels, Jan 21, 1978:

      Dierich, Carl (t) (1852-19??) Ger. b. Mar. 31, 1852; d. 19??):

      Gambill, Robert (t) U.S. b. Indianapolis, Mar. 31, 1950;

      Garazzi, Peyo (t) b. Mar. 31, 1937;

      Gulyás, Dénes (t) Hun. b. Budapest, Mar. 31, 1954; MET: Début: Sep.
      27, 1985 [Italian Singer] Der Rosenkavalier, 3 seasons (1985-88) 44
      perf., 6 works.

      Völker, Franz (t) (1899-1965) Ger. (66) b. Neu-Isenburg, Mar. 31,
      1899; d. Darmstadt, Dec. 4, 1965:

      Weidinger, Christine (s) U.S. b. Springville NY, Mar. 31, 1946;
      MET: Début: Nov. 24, 1972 [Ortlinde] Die Walküre, 5 seasons (1972-
      76, 92-93) 143 perf., 20 roles, 19 works.

      Grümmer, Elisabeth (s) (1911-1986) Ger. b. Niederjeutz, nr
      Diedenhofen [now Thionville, Lorraine], Mar. 31, 1911; d. Warendorf,
      Westphalia, 6 Nov 1986: She studied in Aachen and made her début
      there as the [First Flower Maiden] Parsifal (1940). She sang in
      Duisburg (1942-44), she joined the Städtische (later Deutsche Opera,
      Berlin) (1946-72). Grümmer sang [Ellen Orford] in the first Berlin
      performance of Peter Grimes, she repeated the role for Dresden,
      London and Bayreuth. She was an accomplished interpreter of lieder.
      In 1965, Elisabeth Grümmer became professor at the Berlin
      Musikhochschule. MET: Début: Apr. 20, 1967 [Elsa] Lohengrin, 1
      season (1966-67) 9 perf., 1 work.

      DEATH: Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield (s) (1809, 17, or 20-1876) U.S.
      Known as "The Black Swan" The Tribune reported: …that no Colored
      persons would be admitted… She Died on March 31, 1876.

      HAYDN: France Joseph (com/opera) b. Rohrau, Lower Austria, Mar. 31,
      1732?; d. Vienna, May 31, 1809: Opera: Many works: "Der neue krumme
      Teufel" (music not extant, Vienna, 1753, [rev] "Der neue krumme
      Teufel" 1758)); "La Marchesa Nespola" (only fragment extant;
      (1762?); "Acide" (Esterháza, 1763, [rev] 1773 inc; np); "La marchesa
      nespola" (1763?) "Il Dottore" (not extant, 1765?); "Il scanarello"
      (not extant, 1765?); "La canterina" (11.9.1766? Bratislava); "Lo
      speziale" (Esterha, 1768); "Le pescatrici" (Esterháza,
      1770?); "L'infedeltà delusa" (Esterháza, 1773); "Philemon und
      Baucis, oder Jupiters Reise auf die Erde" (Esterháza,
      1773); "L'incontro improvviso" (Esterháza, 1775); "Die Feuersbrunst,
      oder Das abgebrannte Haus" (1775); "Hexenschabbas" (not extant,
      1773); "Dido" (1776); "Il mondo della luna" (Esterháza, 1777); "Die
      bestrafte Rachbegierde" (1779); "La vera costanza" (Esterha,
      1779); "L'isola disabitata" (Esterháza, 1779); "La fedeltà premiata"
      (Esterháza, 1781); "Orlando Paladino" (Esterháza, 1782); "Armida"
      (Esterháza, 1784); "L'anima del filosofo, ossia Orfeo ed Euridice"
      (Florence, 1951); "Die bestrafte Rachgebierde" (?); "Dido"
      (?); "Genovevens vierter Theil" (?).

      Krauss, Clemens (con/opera) (1893-1954) Ger. b. Mar. 31, 1893; d.
      May 16, 1954; conducted the premiers of "Arabella, Friedenstag,
      Capriccio;" for which he wrote the libretto; his wife Viorica
      Ursuleac (s) (1894-1985) Rumanian, sang the leads

      NEW YORK: 1st. Town Hall recital. Thomas Hampson (b) U.S. (1986).

      ALALEONA: "Mirra" Rome (1931).
      BURGHAUSER: "Most" Praha (1967).
      Dvorák: "Rusalka" Prague (1901).
      Flotow/Grisar/Pilati: "Le Naufrage de la Méduse" (1839).

      Floyd: "Markheim" New Orleans (1966); w/Norman Treigle (bs/b) (1923-
      1975) U.S.

      GALLIGNANI: "Nestorio" Milan (1888).
      Gorter: "Der Paria" Strasbourg (1908).
      ISOUARD: "Les confidences" Paris (1803).
      ISOUARD: "Le festival au village" Paris (1811).
      Lecoq: "Plutus" opera, Paris (1886).
      MALIPIERO: "Filomela e l'Infatuato" Prague (1928).
      Rameau: "Platée" Versailles (1745).

      Still: "Trouble Island" New York 1941); w/Robert Weede (b) (1903-
      1972) U.S. [Dessalines].

      Originally, Giulio Cesare in Egito, an opera by Handel, featured
      what voice type for Giulio Cesare?

      a. Baritone.
      b. m/soprano.
      c. Castrato.
      d. Tenor.
      e. Bass.


      The reference material for this posting, was researched and obtained
      from many sources. Including: internet web sites, encyclopedias,
      dictionaries, biographical publications, newspapers, my local
      Library, information furnished by forum members, the Metropolitan
      Annuals, my own reference library consisting of; complete Opera
      scores and libretti, biographical publications, Opera News, numerous
      publications on the subject of opera and opera singers, and of
      course, my personal recollections. Walter R. Lonis.
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