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1 Nov

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  • James F
    Singers born on 1 November Giacomo Galvani Tenor Born 1 Nov 1825 Bologna Died 7 May 1889 Debut as Carlo in Masnadieri (Verdi) Teacher :- Luigi Zamboni,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2003
      Singers born on 1 November

      Giacomo Galvani Tenor
      Born 1 Nov 1825 Bologna Died 7 May 1889
      Debut as Carlo in Masnadieri (Verdi)
      Teacher :- Luigi Zamboni, Gambarini
      Pupil :- Maria Klimentova

      Emma Albani Soprano
      Born 1 Nov 1847 Montreal Died 3 April 1930
      Debut as Amina in Sonnambula (Bellini) 2 Apl 1873
      Teachers:- Louis-Gilbert Duprez, Francesco Lamperti
      Created Edith in Harold (Cowen)

      Eleanora De Cisneros Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 1 Nov 1878 New York Ded 3 Feb 1934
      Debut as Rossweise in Walkure (Wagner) 1900
      Teachers:- Jean De Reszke, Vincenzo Lombardi, Victor Maurel,
      Adeline Murio-Celli, Angelo Trabadello, Francesco Fanciulli
      Created Candia della Leonessa in Figlia di Iorio (Franchetti)

      Ernest Blanc Baritone
      Born 1 Nov 1923 Sanary
      Debut as Tonio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1950
      Teacher :- Suzanne Sabran
      Created Theogene in Numance (Barraud)

      Victoria De Los Angeles Soprano
      Born 1 Nov 1923 Barcelona
      Debut as Countess in Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) 1945
      Teacher :- Dolores Frau

      Giampetro Mastromei Baritone
      Born 1 Nov 1932 Camaiorne
      Debut 1952
      Teacher :- Apollo Granforte, Mario Melani, Hina Spani

      Gillian Knight Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 1 Nov 1934 Redditch Worcs
      Debut as Ragonde in Comte Ory (Rossini) 1958
      Teachers:- May Blyth, Roy Henderson
      Created Rose Parrowe and Virgin Mary in Taverner (Maxwell Davies)
      Second Maid in Geburtstag Der Infantin (Zemlinsky)
      Mother in Echoes (Hawkins)
      Second Cow & Hera in Judgement of Paris (Woolrich)
      Ligeia in Je vous dis que je suis mort (Aperghis)
      Sang in premiere of We Come to the River (Henze)

      Silvia Voinea Soprano
      Born 1 Nov 1942 Bacau Rumania
      Debut as Olympia in Contes d'Hoffmann (Offenbach) 1968
      Teachers:- Magda Ianculescu, Viorica Teisanu


      Singers who died on 1 November

      Edward Shuter Tenor
      Born 1728 London 1 Nov 1776
      Created Justice Woodcock in Love in a Village (Arne T)
      Oldboy in Lionel and Clarissa (Dibdin)
      Midas in Midas (Dibdin)
      Harry Sycamore in Maid of the Mill (Arnold)

      William Shakespeare Teacher of Singing
      Born 16 Jun 1849 Croydon Died 1 Nov 1931
      Teachers:- Francesco Lamperti, Molique, Reinecke, Sterndale-Bennett
      Pupils :- Frank Baird, David Bispham, Dudley Buck Jnr.,John Coates
      David Thomas Ffrangcon-Davies, Eva Gauthier, Dennis O'Sullivan
      Louis Arthur Russell, Margaret Sheridan, Perceval Allen,
      Perley-Dunn Aldrich, Lionel Ross-Oliver

      Paul Payan Bass
      Born 1 Jan 1876 Died 1 Nov 1959
      Teacher :- Jacques Isnardon
      Sang in premiere to La Habanera (Laparra)
      Macbeth (Bloch)
      La Lepreuse (Lazzari)
      La Danseuse de Pompei (Nougues)
      Marouf (Rabaud)

      Renato Gigli Tenor
      Born 1902 Grotte di Castro Died 1 Nov 1961
      Teacher :- Manfredi Polverosi

      Bruce Dargavel Baritone
      Born 11 Aug 1905 Briton Ferry Died 1 Nov 1985
      Teacher :- E Herbert Caesari

      Please post any additions, corrections or comments.

      Regards James

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