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21 Sep

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  • James F
    Singers who were born on 21 Sep Alois Burgstaller Tenor Born 21 Sep 1872 Holzkirchen Died 19 Apr 1945 Debut as 1st Knight in Parsifal (Wagner) 1894 Teachers:-
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      Singers who were born on 21 Sep

      Alois Burgstaller Tenor
      Born 21 Sep 1872 Holzkirchen Died 19 Apr 1945
      Debut as 1st Knight in Parsifal (Wagner) 1894
      Teachers:- Eduard Bellwidt, Julius Kniese, Hermann Levi

      Hubert Eisdell Tenor
      Born 21 Sep 1882 Hampstead Died 1948
      Teacher :- Victor Beigel

      Annie Woud Mzzo-Soprano
      Born 24 Sep 1901 Haarlam Died 1990
      Teachers:- Frau Schuyl-Hol, Irene Schlemner-Ambros

      Vladimir Ruzjdak Baritone
      Born 21 Sep 1922 Zagreb Died 9 Oct 1987
      Teacher :- Milan Reizer
      Debut as Yeletsky in Pique Dame (Tchaikovsky) 1947
      Created King in Ashmedai (Tal)
      Mark Marulic in Marulova Pisan (Papandopolo)
      Prinz in Prinz von Homburg (Henze)
      Sang in premiere of Der grueneKakadu (Mohaupt)

      Jill Gomez Soprano
      Born 21 Sep 1942 New Amsterdam Guyana
      Debut as Adina in Elisir D'Amore (Donizetti) 1968
      Teacher:- Walther Gruner
      Created Flora in Knot Garden (Tippett)
      Countess in Voice of Ariadne (Musgrave)
      Julie in Miss Julie (Alwyn)
      Duchess in Powder her Face (Ades)
      Maddalena in Maddalena (Prokofiev)

      Werner Krenn Tenor
      Born 21 Sep 1942 Vienna
      Debut in Fairy Queen (Purcell) 1966
      Teacher :- Elisabeth Rado

      Gail V Gilmore Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 21 Sep 1950 Washington D C

      Alessandro Cobelli Baritone
      Born 21 Sep 1952 Turin
      Debut as Marcello in Boheme (Puccini) 1974
      Teachers:- Claude Thiolas, Giuseppe Valdengo, Salerno,
      Ettore Campogalliani


      Singers who died on 21 Sep

      Francesco Ceccarelli Castrato
      Born 1752 Foligno Died 21 Sep 1814
      Pupil :- Charlotte Haser

      Matteo Babbini Tenor
      Born 19 Feb 1754 Bologna Died 21 Sep 1816
      Debut 1773
      Teacher :- Arcangelo Cortoni
      Pupil :- Giovanni Tadolini

      Lev Uhlir Bass
      Born 7 Aug 1897 Horni Jelni Died 21 Sep 1947
      Teacher :- Emil Burian

      Agnes Nicholls Soprano
      Born 14 July 1877 Cheltenham Died 21 Sep 1959
      Debut in Hansel and Gretel 1895
      Teachers:- John Acton, Alberto Antonio Visetti
      Pupils :- Margaret Ritchie, Rose Alper

      Endre Koreh Bass
      Born 13 April 1906 Transylvania Died 21 Sep 1960
      Debut as Sarastro in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1929
      Teacher :- Arpad Palotay
      Pupil :- Walter Berry
      Created Albert K in Prozess (Von Einem)
      Caliban in Sturm (Martin)

      Irmgard Gerz Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 12 Oct 1900 Coblenz Died 21 Sep 1971
      Debut 1930
      Teachers:- Anna Bahr-Mildenburg, Hermine Bosetti
      Created Mother-in-Law in Bluthochzeit (Fortner)
      Sang in premiere of Das Brandmal (Giannini)

      Jose Mojica Tenor
      Born 14 Sep 1896 Mexico Died 21 Sep 1974
      Debut as Almaviva in Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini) 1916
      Created Prince in Love of 3 Oranges (Prokofiev)

      Karl Kronennburg Baritone
      Born 24 Jun 1900 Soligen Died 21 Sep 1974
      Debut as Amonasro in Aida (Verdi) 1929
      Sang in premiere of Godiva (Roselius)

      Rosette Anday Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 22 Dec 1903 Budapest Died 21 Sep 1977
      Debut 1920
      Teachers:- Gyorgy Anthes, Mme Charles Cahier, Gino Tessari
      Created Simon's Wife in Danton's Tod (Von Einem)
      Mother in Werbeklied (Salmhofer)

      Elsa Oehme-Foerster Soprano
      Born 23 Sep 1899 New York Died 21 Sep 1987
      Teacher :- Frank Dossert
      Created Schwanhild in Schwanhild (Graener)
      Sang in premiere of Die heilige Ente (Gal)
      Die Opferung des Gefangenen (Wellesz)
      Der Heidenkonig (S Wagner)

      Arnold Matters Baritone
      Born 11 Apr 1904 Adelaide Died 21 Sep 1990
      Debut as Valentin in Faust (Gounod) 1932
      Teachers:- Clive Carey, Frederick Bevan, W Johnstone-Douglas
      Pupils :- Maureen Morelle, Julian Moyle, Anthony Roden, Janice Chapman
      Created Sir Robert Cecil in Gloriana (Britten)
      Paul Bunyan in Pilgrims Progress (Vaughan Williams)
      Sir William Hamilton in Nelson (Berkeley)

      Morag Noble Soprano
      Born 1932 Romford Died 21 Sep 1993
      Debut as Echo in Ariadne auf Naxos (Strauss) 1962
      Teacher :- Jane Leslie Mackenzie
      Created Mariane in Tartuffe (Benjamin)

      Please post any additions, corrections or comments.

      Regards James

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