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RE: anOPERAlist~ 1 Sep Almanac

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  • Bill Feldan
    Created Galatea in Pigmalion (Donizetti) How could this be if she had her debut in 1960? Bill Feldan 10060 NW 5th street Plantation FL33324 ... From: James F
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      Created Galatea in Pigmalion (Donizetti) How could this be if she had her debut in 1960?


      Bill Feldan

      10060 NW 5th street




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      From: James F [mailto:jamesa@...]
      Saturday, August 31, 2002 3:35 PM
      To: anOPERAlist
      Subject: anOPERAlist~ 1 Sep Almanac


      Singers who were born on 1 Sep


      Aaltje Noordewierreddingius Soprano / Teacher of Singing
      1 Sep 1868 Duerne Holland Died 6 Apr 1949
      Debut in
      St Paul (Mendelssohn) 1888
      Teacher :-    Johannes Messchaert
      Pupil      :-    Nel Duval, Aafje Heynis, Guus Hoekman, Greet Koeman
                          Erna Spoorenberg, Louis Van Tulde, Theo Bayle
                          Laurens Bogtmann


      Gertrude Kappel Soprano
      1 Sep 1884 Halle Died 3 Apr 1971
      Debut as Fidelio in Fidelio (Beethoven) 1903
      Teachers:-    Arthur Nikisch, Noe


      Aksel Schiotz    Tenor

      Born 1 Sep 1906 Copenhagen  Died 19 Dec 1975

      Debut as Ferrando in Cosi fan tutte (Mozart) 1939

      Teachers:-    John Forsell, Valdemar Lincke, Agnete Zacharias

      Pupils      :-    Claes Haken Ahnsjo, Robert Christesen, Alan Titus


      Arda Mandikian Soprano
      1 Sep 1924 Smyrna Greece
      Debut as Dido in Trojans (Berlioz) 1950
      Teachers:-    Elvira de Hidalgo, Alexander Trianti, Wellesz
      Created Incognita in Incognita (Wellesz)

                   Miss Jessel in Turn of the Screw (Britten)


      Michel Roux Bass
      1 Sep 1924 Angouleme
      Debut 1949
      Created Father of Orpheus in Eurydice (Damase)
                    Monsieur De in Madame De (Damase)
      Sang in premiere of Parisienne (J Ledru)


      Kostas Paskalis Baritone
      1 Sep 1929 Athens
      Debut as Rigoletto in Rigoletto (Verdi) 1951
      Created Pentheus in Bassarids (Henze)
                    Young Poet in Alissa (De Banfield)


      Orianna Santunione    Soprano

      Born 1 Sep 1934 Sassolo

      Debut as Fedora in Fedora (Giordano) 1960

      Created Galatea in Pigmalion (Donizetti)

                    Marie Antoinette in Marie Antoinette (Gargiulo)


      Mario Basiola Jnr
      1 Sep 1935 Highland Park Illinois
      Debut as Belcore in Elisir D'Amore (Donizetti) 1961
      Teacher :-    Mario Basiola Snr (father)


      Roger Soyer Bass-Baritone
      1 Sep 1939
      Debut as Ferrando in Trovatore (Verdi) 1962
      Teachers:-    Georges Duam, Georges Jouatte
      Created Don Pedro in Marina Pineda (Saguer)
      Sang in premiere of Echarpe Rouge (Aperghis)


      Julia Varady Soprano
      1 Sep 1941 Oradea Rumania
      Debut 1963
      Teachers:- Arta Florescu, Emilia Popp

      Created Cordelia in Lear (Reimann)

      Singers who died on 1 Sep


      Irene Abendroth Soprano
      14 June 1872 Lemburg Died 1 Sep 1932
      Debut as Amina in Sonnambula
      31 Jan 1889
      Teachers:-    Campanini, Abbe Lambertini, Aurelie Wilczek
                           Francesco Lamperti


      Felice Lyne Soprano
      23 Mar 1887 Slater Missouri Died 1 Sep 1935
      Debut 1911
      Teachers:-    Lloyd D'Aubigne, Jean De Reszke, F
      S Hardman,
                           Mathilde Marchesi


      Olga Lynn Soprano
      1 Sep 1957
      Teacher :-    Jean De Reszke
      Pupil       :-   Margaret Sheridan


      Sabine Kalter    Mezzo Soprano

      Born 27 Mar 1890  Jaroslau  Died 1 Sep 1957

      Debut 1913

      Sang in premiere of Neues vom Tage (Hindemith)


      Wilhelm Rode Bass-Baritone
      7 Feb 1887 Hanover Died 1 Sep 1959
      Debut as Herald in Lohengrin (Wagner) Sep 1909
      Teacher :-    Rudolf Moest


      Graziella Pareto Soprano
      15 May 1889 Barcelona Died 1 Sep 1973
      Debut as Amina in Sonnambula (Bellini) 1908
      Teachers:-    Caridad Herrera, Angelina Homs, Melchiorre Vidal


      Jose Soler     Tenor

      Born 22 Feb 1904 Barcelona  Died  1 Sep 1999

      Debut as Radames in Aida (Verdi) 1945

      Teacher :-    Frasco Monaco


      Please post any additions, corrections or comments.


      Regards James

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