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RE: anOPERAlist~ 25 April Almanac

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  • Bill Feldan
    Who was the bass who committed suicide.I believe in 60s or 70s. My senior moment? Bill Feldan Plantation, FL 33324 ... From: James F
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2002

      Who was the bass who committed suicide…I believe in 60s or 70s. My senior moment?


      Bill Feldan

      Plantation, FL 33324


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      From: James F [mailto:jamesa@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 5:16 PM
      To: anOPERAlist
      Subject: anOPERAlist~ 25 April Almanac


      Singers who were born on 25 April


      Marc'Antonio Pasqualini   Castrato

      Born 25 Apr 1614 Rome  Died 3 Jul 1691

      Pupil      :-    Atto Melani

      Sang in premiere of Sincerita Trionfante (Cecchini)

                                      Orfeo (L Rossi)


      Heinrich Blume      Bass-Baritone
      Born 25 Apr 1788 Berlin Died 2 Nov 1856
      Debut in Unterbrochene Opferfest (Winter)
      Created Caspar in Freichutz (Weber)
                     Uldibrand in Undine (E T A Hoffmann)


      Pauline Lucca Soprano
      Born 25 April 1841 Vienna Died 28 Feb 1908
      Debut as 2nd Boy in Zauberflote (Mozart) 1859
      Teachers:-    Richard Lewy, Uschmann
      Pupils     :-    Ottilie Fellwock, Vera Nikolayevna Garina


      Denis O'Sullivan   Baritone
      Born 25 Apr 1868  San Francisco Died 1 Feb 1908
      Debut as Ferrando in Trovatore (Verdi) 25 Aug 1895

      Teachers:-    Karl Formes, Charles Santley, Giovanni Sbriglia, Ugo Talbo

                           William Shakespeare, Luigi Vannuccini
      Created Shamus in Shamus O'Brien (Stanford)
                     Marquis of Saint Andre in Little Corporal (Englander)


      Helena Forti Soprano
      Born 25 April 1884 Berlin Died 11 May 1942
      Debut as Valentine in Huguenots (Meyerbeer) 1906
      Teachers:-    Theodore Emmerich, Karl Scheidemantel
      Created Myrtocle in Toten Augen (D'Albert)


      Kenneth Spencer Baritone
      Born 25 April 1911 Alabama Died 25 Feb 1964
      Teacher :-    Roland Hayes


      Italo Tajo Bass
      Born 25 April 1915 Pinerolo Died 28 March 1993
      Debut as Fafner in Rheingold 1935
      Teacher :-    Nilde Stinchi-Bertozzi
      Pupils     :-    Kathleen Battle, Sheryl Woods, Barbara Daniels
      Created Samuel in David (Milhaud)
                    Tortured man in Intolleranza 1960 (Nono)
                    Bass-player in Contrabasso (Bucchi)


      Astrid Varnay Soprano
      Born 25 April 1918 Stockholm
      Debut as Sieglinde in Walkure (Wagner) 5 Dec 1941

      Teachers:-    Paul Althouse, Hermann Weigert, Maria Yavor-Varnay (mother)

      Pupil       :-    Janice Baird

      Created Telea in Island God (Menotti)
                    Jocasta in Oedipus der Tyrann (Orff)


      Irene Jordan   Soprano
      Born 25 Apr 1919 Birmingham
      Debut as Mallika in Lakme (Delibes)
      Teachers:-    Ivan Rasmussen, Clytie Mundy, Marti-Folgado


      Harold Blackburn Bass
      Born 25 April 1925 Hamilton Scotland
      Died 27 Nov 1981
      Debut as Ferrando in Trovatore 1947
      Teacher :-    Percy Hemings
      Created William Humpage in Penny for a Song (Bennett)
              M. Corfan in Story of Vasco (Crosse)
              Sailor in Nelson (Berkeley)


      Hans-Joachim Rotzsch   Tenor

      Born 25 Apr 1929 Leipzig

      Teachers:-    P Losse, Fritz Polster


      Fritz Hubner   Bass
      Born 25 Apr 1933 Sachsengrun Czech
      Debut 1957
      Created Priest in Nightrider (E H Mayer)


      Seppo Juhani Ruohonen Tenor
      Born 25 April 1946 Turku Finland
      Debut as Alvaro in Forza del Destino (Verdi) 1973
      Teacher :- Anton Dermota, Kolo, Lea Piltti, Ricci
      Sang in premiere Last Temptation (Kokkonen)


      Cynthia Clarey   Mezzo-Soprano
      Born 25 Apr 1949 Smithfield Va
      Created Kanaxa in Under the Double Moon (Davis)


      Singers who died on 25 April


      Martin Oscar Baritone
      Born 28 Dec 1879 Vanersborg Sweden Died 25 Apr 1921
      Debut as Silvio in Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) 1902
      Teacher :-    John Forsell
      Pupil       :-   Folke Cembraeus


      Caspar Broecheler  Baritone
      Born 7 Oct 1911 Vaals Holland Died 25 Apr 1983
      Sang in premiere of Martin Korda D P (Badings)
                                        Alexander (Holterdorf)
                                        Grune Kakadu (Mohaupt)


      Please post any additions corrections or comments


      Regards James







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