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The U.S. is in Iraq.

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  • RichardEBreyer@netscape.net
    Well, folks. The DOD won t stop till there s American soldiers in every nation in the world. What can we do? American Forces in Northern Iraq, Arabic Press
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Well, folks. The DOD won't stop till there's American soldiers in every nation in the world. What can we do?

      American Forces in Northern Iraq, Arabic Press

      As-Safir, Translated from Arabic

      LONDON, July 1, 2002 -- Highly informed diplomatic sources have
      disclosed to "as-Safir" that the United States of America has begun to
      carry out a plan of security and military operations aimed at Iraq, that
      American troops have entered areas in northern Iraq, and that major
      bases have been set up for them inside Jordan.

      The sources report that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
      (CIA), George Tenet, personally visited northern Iraq when he recently
      paid a visit to the region. There he gave orders to begin a security
      operation immediately after President George Bush signed the order
      empowering the CIA to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

      The sources said that the new element in the plan concerns the
      supposed role of Jordan and that King Abdullah II in agreeing to vacate
      two military airfields in Jordan to be used by the American troops.
      Some two thousand American troops have already landed in Jordanian
      territory. In addition, dozens of soldiers together with members of
      American intelligence, have been transported into Iraqi territory.

      The sources said that the Americans have begun a campaign of making
      contact with the numerous forces in the Iraqi opposition, but that great
      difficulties confront the idea of setting up an alliance similar to the
      "Northern Alliance" in Afghanistan.

      The sources report that the United States presented the plan to Saudi
      Arabia, but Riyadh reiterated its refusal to allow its territory to be used
      for any military action against Iraq. It appears that the matter was taken
      to other countries to obtain their permission to use their territories
      should that become necessary.

      The sources said that the United States had presented a plan for
      emergency economic aid to Jordan in case its economic and trade
      relations with Iraq fall into a crisis.

      The Turkish paper Yeni Safak, reported on 27 June 2002, quoting
      sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, that the US has transported
      about 7,000 troops via heavy transport planes to the Incirlik airbase near
      Adana in the last two weeks.
      The paper added that Washington had begun to strengthen its forces in
      the area after its decision to begin military operations against Baghdad
      within the coming two months. The paper said that the number of US
      troops in Turkey would be increased from 7,000 to 25,000 troops during
      next month.

      © As-Safir, 2002. Distributed in partnership with Globalvision News
      Network (www.gvnews.net). All rights reserved.

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