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Americans Want Freedom without Purpose + Other Programs

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  • Charles Paidock
    July 27Sustainable Freedom and the American Future Meetings # 3,231 - Paul Rescino looks at the book called A Free People s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and
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      July 27
      Sustainable Freedom and the American Future
      Meetings # 3,231 - Paul Rescino looks at the book called "A Free People's Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future " by Oz Guiness.  This is what reviewers have to say:
      "With passion and urgency Os Guinness gives a sweeping historical account of America's past and her prospects for the future.  He urges us to pay serious attention to a deeper understanding of freedom and makes a compelling case for why freedom requires virtue.  Weaving together a wide-ranging knowledge of classical, constitutional and contemporary history, Guinness warns of America's decline but charts a course for America's renewal."
      "In a passionate work that blends historical-cultural analysis with moral exhortation, Os Guinness finds at the heart of America's culture wars something different than what many observers have seen.  He identifies a 'freedom war,' a struggle over the very concept of freedom itself.  As the Founders well understood, it is not enough for Americans to invoke endlessly the name of 'freedom' when they no longer agree as to what it means or what ends freedom is meant to serve.  Guinness warns that freedom cannot long endure unless it is consecrated to purposes beyond itself.  It is a warning worth heeding."
      "He essentially claims that Americans are at, or near, the endpoint of the virtue-vice continuum. He argues that Americans are closing in on “no virtue at all.”
      College of Complexes
      weekly free speech forum on social issues and current events
      all in attendance will be afforded an opportunity to ask questions, and make rebuttals and/or remarks for 5 minutes
      www.collegeofcomplexes.org  (information below)
      Upcoming Scheduled:
      July 27
      Bughouse Square Debates - Newberry Library 1:00 PM
      July 27
      Sustainable Freedom and the American Future - how Americans are at, or near, the endpoint of the virture-vice continuum, and closing in on "no virtue at all"
      August 3
      Zakat Foundation of America
      Muslim-run charity origanization
      August 10
      The Future of Education in Illinois / Illinois Policy Institute
      to empower parents, spur competition, encourage innovation, etc
      August 17
      World Future Society - social, economic and technological developments, investigates the effects of applying anticipatory thinking to society
      August 24
      OFA - Organizing for Action on the Dream Act / Immigration Reform
      August 31
      Debate: Thorium Powered Molten Salt Reactors - A Solution to US Energy Needs, or Just Another Nuclear Boondoggle?
      September 7
      Andrew Nelson - Candidate for Mayor of Chicago discusses the issues
      September 14
      Obama's New Energy Policy, Keystone Pipeline, Fracking, etc.
      September 21
      Are Many Black Americans Now More Afraid of Getting Shot on the Street as a Result of the Zimmerman Decision?
      September 28
      Mariyana Spyropoulos, Commissioner
      Metropolitan Water Reclamation District - with powerpoint presentation
      October 5,12,19,26
      Open - contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak
      Presentation at 8:00 PM - Every Saturday
      Lincoln Restaurant
      4008 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago - intersection of Irving Park and Damen
      (4000 N - 2000 W)
      Free Parking, 1 Block from the Irving Park Stop on the Brown Line, CTA
      Tuition $3.00 and food/drink purchase requested by restaurant
      Questions from Audience
      Speaker's Final Comments
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