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Re: [OPCTJ] Please don't let Illinois Get Fracked!

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  • Bruce Samuels
    The West Side Greens got an antifracking referendum on the ballot and over 21,000 voters supported this with an 82% approval. We plan on going to the Village
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      The West Side Greens got an antifracking referendum on the ballot and over 21,000 voters supported this with an 82% approval.  We plan on going to the Village Board on November 19, next Monday to propose a resolution in support of antifracking.
      If you would like to join us or to meet and strategize before the Village Board meeting, please contact me.
      Bruce Samuels
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      Subject: [OPCTJ] Please don't let Illinois Get Fracked!


      Please don't let Illinois Get Fracked!

      OPCTJ urges you to:

      Call state representatives and tell them to vote for SB3280 with the moratorium amendment and investigative task force.

      Fracking (high energy hydraulic frackuring) has been disastrous in all the states where it has been used. The process drills down several thousands of feet vertically and up to 10,000 feet horizontally and forces a stew of as many 600 highly toxic chemicals down under great pressure to break up the rock and force up gas and oil. It is not environmentally clean. People near the wells in Colorado, Pennsylvania and elsewhere have had their wells poisoned, come down with cancer, neurological diseases, asthma and other serious conditions, lost the value of their properties and had their land contaminated and lost crops and animals.

      Fracking uses an enormous amount of water. It takes just a few drops of these chemicals to poison a large amount of water. Southern Illinois is still just coming out of a terrible drought and aquifers are down. There isn't water to spare.

      The companies claim that the process is safe, but the record shows otherwise. They say there are no spills and no lawsuits, but then again, the record shows otherwise.

      Companies are already buying up leases in Southern Illinois. A statewide coalition of environmental organizations in Illinois, including Environment Illinois, NRDC, ELPC, Faith in Place, Illinois Environmental Coalition, CAPOW! and Protect Chicago's Water is working for a moratorium with investigative task force and we are making progress. The vote will probably come up in the veto session at the end of November or beginning of December so now, right after the election, is the time to push hard for a moratorium.


      ACTION: Call for a Moratorium on Fracking in Illiois

      Call your state representative and urge him/her to vote for SB3280 with the moratorium amendment and investigative task force.

      Dial 217 782 3944, give your address and ask to be connected with your state representative's office.

      Sample script:

      This is _____(your name) _____

      I live at ____(your address)____ and I urge you ____(name of your representative)___ to protect Illinois' people and environment by co-sponsoring SB3280 with the moratorium on fracking and investigative task force.

      More info:
      S.A.F.E. (Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing our Environment)

      Food & Water Watch
      for much more information about the devastating effects of Fracking.

      Testimony by 2 farmers in PA, whose lives got devastated by Fracking.
      This is Ron Gulla and Terry Greenwood giving a presentation in NY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHoAHQEz5Fk&feature=related&noredirect=1

      Some State Reps and Sens are interested in how many jobs the industry creates, which is less than 2 local jobs per well, per Food and Water Watch:


      These are mostly temporary jobs too. Is it worth it to trade our rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, farms and forests for a couple of temporary jobs? Frackers, Frack their wells and then they move on, leaving the toxic clean up to the communities, if all the costs of clean up were factored in, Fracking would be a huge net loss for IL:


      Lastly, Chicago Fracktivists have made a short video:

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