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Occupy Your Mind - Every Saturday at 8:00 PM

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  • Charles Paidock
    College of Complexes, The Playground for People Who Think since 1951 weekly free speech forum on social issues and current events www.collegeofcomplexes.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2011
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      College of Complexes, "The Playground for People Who Think" since 1951
      weekly free speech forum on social issues and current events
      Complete Schedule of Upcoming Programs November to January below:

      All meetings open to the public.  Please contact the Program Coordinator if you would like to speak.
      Nov 5
      Money, Society and You:  A Historical Approach
      Nov 12
      Creation Over Evolution - powerpoint presentation looking at both perspectives
      informal debate    
      Nov 19
      Email:  What Is It?  Where Did It Come From?  And a Warning: Using It May Be Dangerous
      Nov 26
      Ancient Aliens
      Dec 3
      Life, the Universe, and Everything (Sort Of...) - powerpoint presentation
      Dec 10
      "The Public Check on Congress" - A Non-Partisan Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment to Align the Actions of Congress with America's National Interests - with powerpoint presentation
      Dec 17
      "Flight from the Sensorium" - an eclectic essay by Dr. Robert Holland
      Dec 24 + 31
      Closed - No Programs
      Jan 7         
      Coffee:  The Beverage that Changed the World
      Jan 14
      Establishing an Illinois State Bank
      Jan 21         
      America Can Reduce its Dependency on Oil - slideshow on electric transportation
      Jan 28
      America's Future Foundation - promotes and defend free markets, limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility
      Feb 4         
      Meeting # 3,152 - contact the Program Coordinator Charles Paidock if you would like to speak at (312) 842-5036 or (312) 714-7790 cell
      Presentation at 8:00 PM - Every Saturday
      Lincoln Restaurant
      4008 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago - intersection of Irving Park and Damen

      (4000 N - 2000 W)
      Free Parking, 1 Block from the Irving Park Stop on the Brown Line, CTA
      Tuition $3.00 and food/drink purchase requested by restaurant
      Concludes around 10:30 / 11:00 PM
      Questions from Audience
      Speaker's Final Comments
      Questions:  Charles Paidock, Program Coordinator (312) 842-5036, or (312) 714-7790 cell cpaidock@...

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