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A Green Run for Congress

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    A Green Run for Congress Report of a year s events This Sunday at Third Unitarian Church of Chicago The regular Sunday Forum starts at 10:00 AM every Sunday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011

      A Green Run for Congress

      Report of a year's events


      This Sunday at Third Unitarian Church of Chicago

      The regular Sunday Forum starts at 10:00 AM

      every Sunday

      No admission and not even a collection!


      This Sunday: 1-9-2011 at 10:00 AM


      Laurel Lambert Schmidt will speak on her campaign for U.S. Congress.

      Laurel entered the race as a peace/Green candidate for congress in Illinois’s 3d district because she felt it would be a way to advance the issues of peace, social justice and women’s rights as well as a life-affirming experience for her personally. Since her loss in November, she is ready to talk about the process by providing a narrative of the year’s events and highlighting her political perspective and the position of Green Party itself.

      Laurel attended Barnard College where she joined SDS, committed herself to the antiwar movement, dropped out and moved to Chicago where she worked with various organizations including the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union and the New World Resource Center. She later completed her BA in history from UIC, married and moved to Riverside where she raised her two children.


      She has been an insurance underwriter, secretary, teacher and free lance writer. She has also worked as a volunteer on local school initiatives, on the local community caucus as well as a volunteer on election campaigns, notably Sullivan and Pohlen for Congress in the 3rd and Kerry for president in 2004.


      Laurel has been active in the local public schools, community and church. She has been a Girl Scout leader, PTA board member and Community House Trustee. Laurel has been a member of Third Unitarian Church for over 22 years having been a past Board President, SAC chair and pledge drive leader. She now serves on the forum committee and sings in the choir.


      A self described recovering Democrat, progressive politics and the peace movement are Laurel’s current work. Since 2006, she has worked as a full time peace activist and web based network organizer. She co-founded and chairs the Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice, helped to found the Illinois Coalition for Justice Peace & the Environment and has served on its Coordinating Committee for the past 5 years.


      She works with the Peace Justice & Environment Project, founding/facilitating and leading online state networks: the Washington State Action Network, the New Jersey Progressive Organizers Network, the Maine and New Hampshire/Vermont Peace Justice and Environmental Networks, as well as the Wisconsin Action Alliance.


      Third Unitarian Church is at 301 North Mayfield,

      two blocks east and one block south of the

      Austin Green Line stop.

      For more info go to www.thirdunitarianchurch.org



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