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Debate on Saturday 8:00 PM: Are Wal-Mart Stores Good for Chicago?

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  • Charles Paidock
    Nov. 27th Debate: Are Chicago s 3 New Wal-Mart Stores Good for the City? Andy Anderson, college regular vs. Michele Brock, visionary
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2010
      Nov. 27th
      Debate: Are Chicago's 3 New Wal-Mart Stores Good for the City?
      Andy Anderson, college regular vs. Michele Brock, "visionary"

      http://www.collegeofcomplexes.org/November.html  (with links to info on topic)
      List of other Upcoming Programs Below...
      College of Complexes
      weekly free speech forum on social issues and currents events
      "The Playground for People Who Think," since 1951
      featuring a special guest speaker each week


      Presentation at 8:00 PM
      Lincoln Restaurant
      4008 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago - intersection of Irving Park and Damen
      (4000 N - 2000 W)
      Free Parking, 1 Block from the Irving Park Stop on the Brown Line, CTA
      Tuition $3.00 and food/drink purchase requested by restaurant
      Concludes around 10:30/11:00

      All meetings are open to the public - volunteer operated, no membership maintained.

      Solicitation for Speakers: The next open date is February 12th, or any subsequent Saturday in the coming year.

      Questions??? Contact: Charles Paidock, Program Coordinator (312) 842-5036, (312) 714-7790 cell or
      Meet-Up Group:  http://www.meetup.com/freespeechforum/
      weekly program announcements

      Upcoming Programs

      Nov 27
      Debate: Are Chicago's 3 New Wal-Mart Stores Good for the City?

      Dec 4

      The Cuban Missle Crisis: What Really Happened Is Not What You Think

      + Why JCK's Presidency Was Going to End in Scandal

      Dec 11

      Chicago Colloquium for a Philosophy of Life

      Personal Ethics

      Dec 18

      Vehicles Which Were Going To, And Perhaps May Still, Change the Way We Get Around

      Citizens Taking Action for advancement of transit and trains

      Dec 25, Jan 1


      Jan 8

      What Happened to the European Union?

      Jan 15

      The New American Revolution Movement

      Proclamation of Liberty

      Jan 22

      Peter Kauss, Write-In Candidate for Mayor of Chicago

      Jan 29 

      Campaign for Liberty, Joe Cesarone

      Feb 5th

      Black History Month Speaker
      Larry Hill Taylor's West Side Autobiography:
      Stepson of the Blues

      Feb 12th
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