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Agenda and minutes for the Oct 14 meeting

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  • Roger Beltrami
    Below please find the proposed agenda for Oct 14 as well as the draft minutes from Sept 9 (Here called Sept 12)   Please make any additions and corrections on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2010
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      Below please find the proposed agenda for Oct 14 as well as the draft minutes from Sept 9 (Here called Sept 12)
      Please make any additions and corrections on the in line cipies and return them to me.  I will make the changes on the printable documents;

      OPCTJ Agenda

      Meeting on Thursday, October 14th , 2010

      Gather at 7:00 PM - Meeting Starts at 7:15 PM

      This meeting will be at the Oak Park Public Library- 2nd floor meeting room

      To make additions/revisions to this agenda contact Roger Beltrami: 708-445-9218, rogerbeltrami@..., at least one day prior.

      1. Introductions

      2. Review & approve minutes from previous meeting.

      3. Choose minutes taker.

      4. Reports

      Treasurer   - Jan / Bill

      Discussion on how to handle requests for money that must be dealt with before the next scheduled meeting.

      1. Old business

      Fund Raising Event / Membership Building - Saturday October 23 at Unity Temple – Rich

      1. Reports on ticket sales so far

      2. Any problems/setbacks

      Report on the October 2 march in Washington – Ron Chew

      OPAHA - Bill/Bamshad- .

      Film Series - (Beverley)

      Living Wage Campaign - Tom

      Coalition to Save Community Banking – Peg

      Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - Tom

      1. New business

      Web Site issues – Temporary site, while ours is rebuilt?

      1. Announcements

      Details on October 16 March in Chicago - Roger




      Meeting on September 12, 2010

      Oak Park Public Library

      Present: Beverley Walter Tom Broderick Anne Tan

      Bill Barclay Peg Strobel Maria Margullo

      Ron Chew Roger Beltrami Rich Pokorny (chair)

      Judy Erickson Jan Sansone

      Minutes of August 12 Meeting: Approved

      Minute Taker: Ron Chew


      Treasurer: Unity Temple in a special collection donated $258. to OPCTJ.

      Balance at end of August was $ 921.

      Old Business:

      Fund Raising Event / Membership Building – Saturday, October 23 at Unity Temple.

      The theme of the event is: “Food, Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising”

      Details of the event are included in a Flyer. Co-Sponsor of the event are Students for Peace

      & Justice. Doors open at 6:00pm. Catered Dinner including Veggie and Meat options.

      A Cash Bar, Silent Auction are at 6:30.

      Music by Turtles Anonymous begins at 7:30; brief announcements at 8:00pm

      Admission & Dinner are $20 ; Student & Low income are $10.

      The number of people with paid tickets should be more than 100 persons as an objective.

      Two methods will be used to obtain as large an attendance as possible: (a) Our 160 members will be called by 8 of us (each person calling 20 people roughly; (b) additionally

      each person attending this meeting will attempt to ask 20 or more people to attend the

      event. Rich had tickets made and these have been distributed for persons to sell.

      Film Series:

      The film “Rethinking Afghanistan” will be shown at Oak Park Library on Sept 26. Kathy Kelly and Eugene Cherry will be asked to speak following the film.

      Web Site:

      The site has been down since February and it is not clear who will reconcile. Bill is to

      talk to Bamshad or Estelle to get a Web Site running.

      Oct 2 Rally: “One Nation Working Together” is being promoted by more than 150 groups.

      We are willing to pledge $250 to $500 for those needing a subsidy; students will likely

      obtain our assistance. The Rally is in D.C. and the bus will cost $125.

      Media & Democracy:

      It was agreed that we donate $20 to the organization for an event on November 6.

      The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

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