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Freedom Ride: Immigrants' Caravan - September 3-6

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  • Rozalinda Borcila
    I though some of you might be interested in this 3-day event ; a bike and car caravan organized by the Moratorium on Deportations Campaign around the western
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2010
      I though some of you might be interested in this 3-day event ; a bike and car caravan organized by the Moratorium on Deportations Campaign around the western and southern towns bordering Chicago.

      A three day bike caravan and action

      This caravan will travel trough different communities surrounding Chicago. We will hold meetings, discussions, rallies and actions to confront xenophobic legislations, English-Only ordinances, Secure Communities, PoliMigra, 287(g) and to push for the passage of the Dream Act.  Grab a car or bike and join us, or connect with us along the way!

      Itinerary and Schedule

      Friday September 3rd

      3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Rally in support of the DREAM Act & REUNION!

      • Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s office, 1701 East Woodfield Road, Schaumburg, IL Suite 200.

      6:00 PM – leave Schaumburg and ride to Naperville

      7:00-8:00 PM – arrive in Naperville and be received by our friends at Immigrant Solidarity Dupage. Shelter is graciously provided by St. Margaret Mary Parish, 1450 Green Trails Dr, Naperville, IL.

      8:00-10:00 PM Welcoming Reception from Immigrant Solidarity Dupage and Dupage Community Leaders

      Saturday, Sept. 4

      8:00 AM Breakfast at St. Margaret Mary Parish

      9:15 AM Depart St. Margaret Mary Parish – ride to Wheaton

      10:00 AM Rally: Stop the 150 Deportations weeky in Dupage/ Legalization for All!

      • Dupage County Courthouse 421 S. County Farm Rd. Wheaton IL
      • 1/2 Mile March South on County Farm Rd and East on Roosevelt Rd to Marianjoy (Franciscan Sisters) Campus for a short vigil
      • 10:45 Return to Dupage County Courthouse Complex for closing remarks and distribution of sacked lunches.

      11:00AM – assemble caravan and leave for Joliet

      3:00 PM rest stop, lunch and discussion on precarious working conditions in suburban warehousing and logistics industries: Bolingbrook area (TBA)

      6:00 pm meeting and discussion on immigrant rights issues and Joliet-area activism; dinner with Freedom Riders

      Sunday September 5th

      8:00 am: Breakfast and tabling at the 8:30 mass., Monte Carmelo Church

      10:00 AM depart for Homer Glen

      noon – 1PM : stop in Homer Glen for rest, discussion of English-Only ordinances and sidewalk chalking action

      • Culver Park on S Parker Rd, Homer Glen

      2:30 PM – stop in Blue Island to discuss polimigra issues, rest

      rest of Sunday itinerary TBA

      Finale: Labor Day, September 6th Chicago IL, Little Village Neighborhood

      General Statement: why an Immigrants Freedom Ride?

      A broad strategy called “secure communities” is quickly and quietly being implemented around the country, promising the efficient integration of surveillance and policing between local authorities and ICE. What exactly is being sold to us, wrapped up in the language “security”, “community”, “efficiency”?  What are some of the consequences of policies that target and criminalize immigrants ? We have seen a dramatic increase in detention, deportations and family separations. Even though President Obama has acknowledged that the immigration system is broken, that it does not realistically address migration in a globalized economy, his administration has stepped up its enforcement to unprecedented levels. According to ICE, no administration in US history has ever forcefully removed more people from this country. But these effects are not felt only by millions of immigrants and their families: in the context of increased xenophobia, we are witnessing the proliferation of policies that virtually incentivize abusive detentions without probable cause. This is a fundamental erosion of due process and as such affects us all. And when local law enforcement officers become de facto border police, our neighborhoods become de facto border zones: characterized by surveillance, intolerance, oppression and fear.

      The US Government has become the enforcer of a global economy that pushes much of the world into poverty, while transnational corporations remain immune from the devastation they have created. Structural adjustment, increased coercion, domestic military deployment, increased poverty and precarity, unstable economic and living conditions, the erosion of every aspect of public life, environmental devastation: these are some of the costs of an unsustainable global system, and they are hitting home.  A new nativist wave feeds off our fear and uncertainty, and offers merely a smokescreen: we are to believe that the root cause of the mess we are in are immigrants! We are to believe that due process and transparency make us less safe. We are to live in a state of permanent suspicion and fear. We are to build border walls within our neighborhoods, within ourselves; we are to believe that living behind these walls will make us more “secure”.

      But we have seen that in oppressive societies no space is ever safe for anyone. We know that what we are being offered is the “security” of a prison world. We will not be fooled by double-talk: by political maneuvers that use the language of “security” and “community” but which actually create insecurity, further destabilize the conditions of people’s lives, and increase conflict and aggression. We refuse to scapegoat immigrants, to believe in the myth of well-being for some through the degradation of others. We demand an end to the campaign of fear, detention and deportation, a moratorium NOW.

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