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Roots of Youth Violence Curriculum Released

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  • Estelle Carol
    Hi everyone I want to make sure all the peace activist and educators know about the new curriculum for youth from Teachers of Social Justice. Curriculum
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      Hi everyone

      I want to make sure all the peace activist and educators know about the new curriculum for youth from Teachers of Social Justice.  Curriculum title: "Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence"

      See details below.


      Eric (Rico) Gutstein wrote:
      New TSJ Website Launches Today! Roots of Youth Violence Cu
      Teachers for Justice

      NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHES TODAY,  February 2, 2010

      The struggle for educational justice in our communities and nationally is stronger than ever. The declining economy, increased privatization of schools and lockdown on our communities call us for come together and share resources & energy for revitalizing the education for liberation movement.

      Teachersforjustice.org is an innovative new website launched by Teachers for Social Justice in Chicago that will combine news, actions, resources, and research aimed towards strengthening the social justice educator community. We hope that this website can be a tool for where educators can find immediate support for their classrooms and communities and help us all connect to the growing network of educators who work for justice and education for all. Teachersforjustice.org will feature a database of curriculum written by teachers for our Annual Teaching for Justice Curriculum Fair, a calendar of events & actions related to Educational Justice in Chicago and nationally, and links to articles, resources and communities that educators and activists of all types can appreciate. Don't hesitate to use this website as a portal to Friends of our Entire Network at Rethinking Schools and the National Education for Liberation Network, as well as all of our sister Teacher Activist Groups around the country.

      If you're looking for ways to learn about the work of the social justice educators & the context of our struggles, find resources & research, learn collectively and build community, check in at Teachersforjustice.org and please help spread the word!

      And give us feedback about the new site! (or anything else of course...)

      New Curriculum Released Today!

      "Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence"

      Project NIA, the Chicago Freedom School and Teachers for Social Justice of Chicago have partnered along with other volunteers to develop a curriculum guide in order to contribute to the ongoing efforts by young people and their adult allies to analyze the root causes of youth violence and to create local solutions.

      At a time when frustration is running high and many are expressing a sense of powerlessness in the face of pervasive violence, this curriculum guide is an offering intended to make a positive contribution to the dialogue about violence in the lives of young people.

      Visit the new Teachersforjustice.org Website to read about the project and download "Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence"

      this email sent to you by:

      Teachers for Social Justice (Chicago)

      NOTE: TSJ will occasionally forward info from others to our email list. That does NOT necessarily imply endorsement of the ideas or opinions, but rather that we feel the material is along our general principles and that you all can decide for yourselves.

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