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PJEP Benefit: Chase Away Hard Times & Blues Aug 8 in Riverside

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  • laurel schmidt
    Chase Away Hard Times & Blues! Join Us at a PJEP Party and Fundraiser August 8 • 3 pm to 8 pm 203 Parkview, Riverside, IL 60546 (accessible by Metra or CTA
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2009
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      Chase Away Hard Times & Blues!
      Join Us at a PJEP Party and Fundraiser
      August 8 • 3 pm to 8 pm
      203 Parkview, Riverside, IL 60546
      (accessible by Metra or CTA to Pace bus)
      The Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP), the network of networks of which the Illinois Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment (ICJPE.org) is part, established website network hubs for its 48th, 49th and 50th states when sites for Alaska, Hawaii and New York went live this July. Check out our networks HERE. PJEP grew as a direct result of the founding of the ICJPE. For more about PJEP see below the fold.*

      To celebrate, come to our BBQ party and song circle on August 8 to benefit the Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP)!
      Help to support the Networking of America at Laurel Lambert Schmidt’s home, featuring Swimming, Games (volleyball, croquet) and a Chase Away Hard Times & Blues song circle as we turn out a turkey or two on the grill and sample some of the season’s fresh corn on the cob. Laurel and friends will be supplying paper goods, turkey(s) corn, some soft drinks & beer, but would appreciate side dishes, salads, desserts, libations and anything else you want to bring to share. A $20.00 donation is requested.  Each $20 ticket will enter you into our raffle. Children are half price, ten and under are free.  RSVP - Really appreciated!!

      At the party we’ll have a Silent Auction with some real gems for your perusal and bids. You can see what's available by downloading our Auction Catalogue HERE. Can't make it? Send your bids online to andrew@... and/or make your contribution online at http://pjep.org/fundraisers/?fid=24.

      Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

      Musicians please note: As part of this party, we hope to have an incredible Chase Away Hard Times & Blues song circle. Although we're asking for donations of $20 and a dish from attendees, musicians with a song or two to share come for half -- skip the $20 or skip the dish. The point is to have an incredible jam and party.

      Why This Fundraiser?
      PJEP volunteers have given extensively of time, talents and night/weekend minutes; facilitating your efforts at grassroots activity throughout Illinois and the entire US. Howsoever large the vision; the resources are limited. With real funding and staff at our disposal, PJEP could do so much more. What’s envisioned for stage two will require additional programming and, potentially, paid staff in order to develop the project and fully realize the capabilities of a network of networks.

          Please help PJEP to help you become more effective. Your tax deductible donation is essential to the growth and success of the PJEP Networks which will help to:
      • Encourage facilitation of network operations to empower grassroots driven actions, events and campaigns of participating organizations;
      • Expand the commons of resources that we provide to network users
      • Assist activists in use of new technologies and help to enhance their web/net presence.
      • Help to develop media strategies and resources for grassroots activists.
      • Further develop existing networks, by bringing more groups on board to create synergistic communication and cooperation within the greater progressive movement; and
      • Improve the cutting edge software necessary to these goals using programming that keeps up with advances in technology.

      *What is PJEP and how did it get started?
      PJEP is a networking movement that brings groups together around the issues they agree upon and puts emphasis on what drives their passions without the constraints of points of unity or a top down organization. PJEP’s aim is to bring together the greater progressive movement and empower grassroots action through a Commons – interactive websites with loads of online tools to assist activists. PJEP has grown to where it is today with the help of countless hours by volunteers.

          Since its inception in 2006, when the first site went live in Illinois, the networking software used by the Peace Justice and Environment Project (PJEP) has helped grass-roots organizers work together in new collaborative ways on a broad range of actions, initiatives and online campaigns. We have reached out to nearly fifteen thousand activists to create this nationwide network of networks and PJEP has grown exponentially. Their hard work has made online web resources & capabilities available to volunteer and non-profit environmental, peace and justice organizations for free. Stage 1 of that project has come to an end. Over 1400 local organizations now participate in the project. The 50th state went live July 20.

          Laurel 773-991-8751
          Marcia and Andrew 847-332-1870
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