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UFPJ: National Media Day of Action on Afghanistan

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  • Bamshad Mobasher
    From: United for Peace and Justice Afghanistan Working Group National Media Day of Action on Afghanistan, Thursday, May 21 What s the first step for us to stop
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2009
      From: United for Peace and Justice Afghanistan Working Group

      National Media Day of Action on Afghanistan, Thursday, May 21

      What's the first step for us to stop the war in Afghanistan? Shift American public opinion. 

      After all, we did it on Iraq -- through countless street protests, petitions, op-eds, blog pieces, bumper stickers and more. The progressive peace movement pushed (and continues to push) the majority of Americans to shift their values and demand change -- including an end to the Iraq war. President Obama made that a key campaign promise and it largely won him the election.

      So how do we shift public opinion against the war in Afghanistan? We get our voices out through op-eds, letters to the editor, TV and radio interviews, Twitter and blogs. These media might be the MOST effective, powerful force to provoke and change minds nationwide, resulting in a collective push to end the war.

      That's why UFPJ is calling for all of us to join in a National Media Day of Action on Thursday, May 21 to reach out to every local, regional and national media source! How do we do all that? It's much easier than you think. We'll provide you resources, tool and tips, and a Media Training conference call May 14 to teach you how to get our voices there!

      Mark your calendars for: Thursday, May 14 -- 9 PM ET (6 PM PT). Please email organizing@... if you plan on attending the conference call. We will then send you the call details, including the phone number.

      Learn how to be in the media mix, get geared up to be on radio and tv shows, learn how to jump into the online world of Media 2.0, and build your skills to be part of a longer-term media strategy for grassroots peace and justice organizing.

      * * *

      Actions/Resources you can take on May 21:

      Pick from any of the categories below. If we each pick a single action on May 21, together we will add up to thousands of voices for peace in Afghanistan!




      • Get an interview spot, or call-in to your local talk shows
      • Call-in tips, on-camera tips & how to find call-in numbers
      • Talking Points to use

      Check out the UFPJ webpage on Afghanistan for more information and resources. Email the Afghanistan Working Group: ufpj-afghanistan@... if you have any questions or would like to help with the planning of the Media Day.

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