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This weekend: 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference!

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  • chicago_socialists
    ****2007 Midwest SOCIALIST Conference Building a REVOLUTIOANRY Alternative November 3-4 @ University of Illinois-Chicago 750 S. Halsted Lecture Center A ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2007
      ****2007 Midwest SOCIALIST Conference
      Building a REVOLUTIOANRY Alternative

      November 3-4 @
      University of Illinois-Chicago
      750 S. Halsted
      Lecture Center A

      ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

      ***What you'll find at the 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference:

      More than two-dozen workshops on everything from fighting war and
      racism to socialist theory and working-class history * A mammoth used
      and new political book fair (see below) * Parties and entertainment *
      Major forums with antiwar veterans and activists, immigrant rights,
      union, anti-racist and health care activists; and others

      For more information e-mail chicago_socialists@... or call 773-

      ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

      ***Speakers include (organizations listed for id only):

      Eugene Cherry, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) * Paul
      D'Amato, associate editor of the International Socialist Review and
      author of The Meaning Of Marxism * Ashunda Harris, anti-racist
      activist and aunt of police-murder victim Aaron Harrison * Alan
      Maass, editor of Socialist Worker and author of The Case for
      Socialism * Camilo Mejia, national chair of IVAW * Keeanga Taylor,
      frequent contributor to the International Socialist Review and
      CounterPunch on issues of race and class * Martin Unzeuta of the
      Chicago Workers Collaborative * and more

      ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

      ***Final Workshops Schedule:

      Saturday Sessions (in Lecture Center A)

      9am Registration Begins in Lecture Center A

      9:30-11am Workshops

      The Struggle for Palestine (Speaker: Paul Heideman)
      Cuba: Myth and Reality (Speaker: Bridget Broderick)
      The Future Socialist Society (Speaker: Eric Ruder)
      Where is Venezuela Headed? (Speaker: Lee Sustar)
      Perspectives for Socialists: Between Things Ended and Things Begun
      (Speaker: Alan Maass)
      The Meaning of Marxism (Speaker: Jon Bougie)

      11:30-1pm Workshops

      Marxism and the Economy: Why Does Capitalism Go Into Crisis?
      (Speaker: Aaron Hess)
      Why Do Socialists Look to the Working Class? (Speaker: Adam Turl)
      The Democrats: The Other War Party (Speaker: Nicole Colson)
      The Legacy of the 1979 Iranian Revolution (Speaker: Saman Sepheri)
      Gay Liberation and Socialism (Speaker: Sherry Wolf)
      Lenin and the Vanguard Party (Speaker: Paul D'Amato)

      2-3:30pm Workshops

      Building Strong Branches (Speaker: Elizabeth Wrigley-Field)
      The Rise and Fall of the 1960s Students for a Democratic Society
      (Speaker: Bob Quellos)
      Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder (Speaker: Rachel Cohen)
      The Struggle for Immigrant Rights (Speakers: Orlando Sepulveda,
      Martin Unzueta)
      From Malcolm X to Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement: The Rise of
      Black Power (Speaker: Sam Jordan)

      4-5:30pm Workshops

      The Racist Injustice System: Fighting the New Jim Crow (Speakers:
      Ashunda Harris, Keeanga Taylor)
      Engels and the Origins of Women's Oppression (Speaker: Julie Fain)
      The Fight for National Health Care (Speaker: Helen Redmond)
      Soldiers Against War from Vietnam to Iraq (Speakers: Eugene Cherry,
      Camilo Mejia, Martin Smith)
      What do Socialists Say About Political Islam? (Speaker: Bezhad)

      7:30pm Plenary: Confronting U.S. Empire and the Struggle for Self-
      Determination (Speakers: Sherry Wolf and Camilo Mejia with Martin

      9:30-12:30am Post-Conference Party at Efebos Café in Pilsen (1640 S.
      Blue Island)

      Sunday Sessions (in Lecture Center A)

      10-12pm Workshops

      The 1917 Russian Revolution (Speaker: Kate O'Neil)
      Marxism versus Anarchism (Speaker: Eric Kerl)
      State and Revolution (Speaker: Pranav Jani)
      Black Liberation and Socialism (Speaker: Keeanga Taylor)

      12:30-2:30pm Workshops

      Trotsky on the United Front (Speaker: Jesse Sharkey)
      Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism (Speaker: Bill Roberts)
      Subterranean Fire: Workers Struggles of the 1930s (Speaker: Elizabeth
      Women and Socialism: Whatever Happened to Feminism? (Speaker:
      Elizabeth Schulte)

      ***Registration: Sliding scale donation requested $10-30 dollars.

      ***Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, publishers
      of Socialist Worker newspaper:


      Book Fair Info***

      There will be a monster used book sale at the Midwest Socialist
      Conference during the lunch break (1:00-2:00PM) on Saturday November
      3. It is a fundraiser for the Center for Economic Research and Social

      If you would like to make a contribution of books, please bring them
      to the conference or joeallen705@...
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