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Fw: Take Action This Week: Turn In Your Band-Aids

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      Subject: Take Action This Week: Turn In Your Band-Aids

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      August 1, 2007

      a.. Update from Springfield
      b.. URGENT ACTION:
      a.. Turn in your Band-Aids. Demand a solution that sticks - Illinois Covered!
      Update from Springfield

      Despite our frustrations at political posturing in Springfield, there is inspiration to be taken from what is going on at the Capitol.

      - Last week, the Senate Public Health Committee passed Illinois Covered.

      - Also, Speaker Michael Madigan was preparing to introduce a resolution against the 3% employer assessment, but nearly 25 House Democrats and a growing number of others informed Speaker Madigan that they would strongly oppose such a resolution.

      More than in any year in recent memory, rank-and-file members of the House and Senate have had the courage to say, "Enough with politics as usual. The people of Illinois deserve better." As a result, more and more of our State Senators and State Representatives are standing up to the entrenched interests in Springfield - interests that are content with the status quo on health care and education.

      Certainly, we would have liked for the budget to be resolved by now. Yet, we are encouraged that our elected leaders in Springfield chose not to settle for a status quo budget like the one passed by the House on May 30th.

      We know the status quo isn't good enough for working families and responsible businesses in Illinois. Our lawmakers must step up to the challenge and craft a budget that fully funds health care and education and pass Illinois Covered.

      Those Senators and State Representatives that are holding out against the interests of working families must know that there are consequences. Voters across the state have clearly spoken, as demonstrated in the poll released on July 18:

      - Rising health care costs are now the top economic concern in Illinois.

      - Illinois voters rate health care reform as the most important issue facing the legislature during the extended session.

      - 79% of voters across the state support the Illinois Covered proposal.

      - Illinois voters want their legislators to lead the fight for this reform.


      Turn in your Band-Aids. Demand a solution that sticks - Illinois Covered!

      We've been using band-aid solutions to our health care crisis for way too long. Let the legislature know that band-aids aren't good enough for Illinois. Over the next ten days, the Campaign for Better Health Care will be operating a band-aid drive. This is what we need you to do:

      1. Get a box of band-aids.

      2. Ask friends, family, and co-workers to autograph a band-aid.

      3. Ask each signer to fill out an entry in this sign-in sheet so that we can keep an accurate record of where these band-aids are coming from to deliver to legislators.

      4. Collect all autographed band-aids and sign-in sheets and mail back to CBHC at: 1325 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 305 Chicago, IL 60605

      We don't know when the next vote in Springfield will be- so act now! Let's flood the offices in Springfield with a reminder that the people of Illinois are handing in band-aids for a real cure- quality, affordable health insurance through Illinois Covered.

      For more information, call 312-913-9449.

      Campaign for Better Health Care
      44 East Main St., Suite 414
      Champaign, IL 61820-3642
      (v) 217-352-5600
      (f) 217-352-5688
      e-mail: cbhc-cu@...
      1325 S. Wabash, Suite 305
      Chicago, IL 60605-2504
      (v) 312-913-9449
      (f) 312-913-9559
      e-mail: cbhc-chi@...
      (Children's Health)
      (Medicare & Uninsured)
      Website: www.cbhconline.org

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