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National "Mandate for Peace" Call-in Day, Dec. 4

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  • schonitzer
    National Mandate for Peace Call-in Day, Dec. 4 Call your Representative and Senators and tell them Stop Funding War! – Bring Our Troops Home – NOW!
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      National "Mandate for Peace" Call-in Day, Dec. 4

      Call your Representative and Senators and tell them "Stop Funding
      War! – Bring Our Troops Home – NOW! "

      The first "National Call-In Day" since the election will be Dec. 4,
      and we're encouraging you to please participate by placing a call to
      your representative and senators to ask them to "Stop Funding War"
      {http://pdamerica.org/articles/news/2006-09-12-13-20-02-news.php} and
      bring our troops home.

      The death toll and carnage in Iraq is increasing at an alarming
      rate. Our soldiers are caught in the middle of a civil war unleashed
      by an administration that refused to plan for postwar reconstruction
      and failed to understand Iraqi culture and history.

      Congress and the administration sit and wait ... for the
      Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group report, for the Pentagon study group
      report, the White House study group -- for anything they can hide

      On Election Day, voters said enough is enough -- we want a new
      direction. Let's make sure Congress hears it again by jamming the
      switchboards on Dec. 4 with our pleas to bring our troops home

      Sign the petition!

      Read our plan!

      Send an email {mailto:info@...}to the Iraq Study Group. Ask that
      their recommendations include immediate withdrawal of American troops
      from Iraq.

      Bring the Mandate for Peace to Washington DC on Jan. 27!

      Click here and scroll down {http://capwiz.com/pdamerica/home/} to
      find your representative and senators.

      Call your representative and both senators at 202-224-3121 and tell

      "I insist that Congress act immediately to bring all U.S. troops
      home from Iraq NOW!"


      The United States has now been engaged in Iraq for longer than our
      engagement in World War II. Violence in Iraq is spiking to
      ever-higher levels. It is impossible to say how many Iraqis have died
      during the war and occupation, but Johns Hopkins University estimates
      650,000. We know that over 2,800 U.S. troops have died, and over
      20,000 have been maimed or wounded.

      The Constitution gives Congress the power to end this war through
      the power of the purse. Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) has described this as
      "the fulcrum of the people's leverage . . . to shackle the hands of
      overreaching chief executive." Congress can and must use this
      to bring the occupation of Iraq to an end.
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