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ILGP Submits 39,200 Signatures For Governor!

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  • Alex Briscoe
    The ILGP Newsletter will be coming out soon. For now, here s the good news: The Illinois Green Party just submitted 39,200 signatures for our petition to get
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2006
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      The ILGP Newsletter will be coming out soon. For now,
      here's the good news:

      The Illinois Green Party just submitted
      39,200 signatures for our petition to get on the
      ballot. Hooray! 25,000 valid sigs are required.
      As you can see from the report below, we have a shot
      to get on the ballot. However, Michael Madigan, Dem
      Chair of the IL Legislature has been organizing a
      (Frei)korps of hacks to challenge our signatures one
      by one. The challenge period will start in about two
      weeks or less.

      So, please contact us through the Whitney For Gov
      site below, come to IL, sit in a chair opposite a Dem,
      and object to his objection. More info to follow.
      The important point here is that every sig that some
      hack objects to, where we don't have a Green body
      there to defend, we lose. We need every sig we can
      save. The earth is burning up, can you spare some

      We could use a group of 40 to defend the signatures.
      Please contact us at the Whitney site below. Petition
      defense will probably take place Monday thru Friday
      8am to 5pm, so if you are a student or retiree or know
      someone who is, please contact us. The challenges are
      being set up in different areas of the state, in an
      attempt to stretch our existing ILGP volunteers, so we
      need your help.

      Finally, by way of comparison: in Missippi that land
      of racial oppression and backwardness, they only need
      1,000 sigs to get on the ballot for Governor. That's
      less than what we have to get for one State Rep race!
      And, they get six months to do it! But, I still love
      those northern Democrats....

      One more word: petition defense is a lot easier than
      petitioning. We're going to go over the lines ahead
      of time, and we'll have a script for why you should
      object to the hack's objection, for each line. You
      just sit back in a chair and relax. Nothing like the
      constant rejection of petitioning. In fact, you
      should be accepted at least 63.7% of the time....



      Hello Everybody,

      It seems that everyone in Springfield is far too busy
      to send out an email update to the main list, but I've
      talked to Susan, and this is what I've found out.

      4130 sheets have been turned in for the state slate.
      After cross-outs and partial sheets this equates into
      roughly 39,200 signatures for the state slate. This
      represents an absolutely amazing effort by over a
      hundred circulators statewide. We should all be
      incredibly proud of ourselves for taking on such a
      herculean task and rising to the challenge.

      In order to survive a challenge we would only need a
      63.7% validity rate, and I believe Phil's verification
      up to this point indicates that we have a higher rate
      than that already. I am personally optimistic about
      getting on the ballot, but I'd like to make an
      important point. Even if everything were to become a
      worst-case scenario at this point, and we were kicked
      off the ballot, we should NOT let that detract from
      our accomplishments so far. This took a level of
      organization, competency, and hard work from so many
      people that is virtually unseen in politics,
      especially in Illinois. I actually think the Dems or
      Pubs would have struggled more with the same task if
      they were given our budget and level of resources. It
      has been, and will continue to be, an incredible
      experience, and I know that I'll be celebrating

      Susan reported that there was plenty of media at
      Rich's (and all the candidate's) press conference at
      1pm today including large outfits, like the Chicago
      Tribune. I already know of one positive article on our
      efforts printed in the Daily Southtown:
      I think we're going to be receiving much more press
      coverage than we're used to, and hopefully that will
      give us leverage to get into the debates. Feel
      encouraged to write letters to the editor of your
      local paper!

      We're all very excited about the state slate, but it's
      not the only campaign that the Green Party can feel
      proud of. Tom Abram's campaign for State
      Representative, District 103 (Champaign/Urbana) has
      collected 4,297 signatures for a requirement of 2,260.
      Dorian Breuer's campaign for State Senate, District 1
      (Chicago: Pilsen) has collected between 2700-2800
      signatures for a requirement of 1,271. Kathy Cummings'
      campaign for State Representative, District 4
      (Chicago: Wicker Park) has collected at least 3,000
      signatures for a requirement of 1,531. With such
      incredible numbers all of these candidates should
      easily survive a challenge and make it on the ballot.
      Congratulations to all of them, and a huge thank you
      to everyone who helped out on their campaigns.

      This isn't even mentioning the other candidates that
      are guaranteed to appear on the November ballot thanks
      to hard work in establishing districts two years ago.
      This includes Konstantinas Yfantis, Joe Futrelle, and
      Nick Mann for Champaign County Board (Districts 7, 8,
      and 9, respectively). It also includes Nathan
      Helsabeck, Phil Huckelberry, and Charlie Howe for
      State Representative (Districts 8, 88, and 115
      respectively). This will be a great year to see how we
      do with campaigns after we've already been
      established, and the voters might be more familiar
      with Green politics.

      I don't think there's anything else to report, but I'd
      like to reiterate how good everyone should be feeling
      right now. The hard work is far from over and I know
      the Whitney for Governor campaign is going to need
      volunteers soon to defend signatures in a couple of
      weeks. For now though, take a deep breath everyone,
      and give yourself a pat on the back.

      Dave S



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