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Fw: March 19 Chicago Coalition Mtg. Minutes & other announcements

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  • Ann Sugrue Kransdorf
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      Subject: March 19 Chicago Coalition Mtg. Minutes & other announcements

      About 90 people attended a 3-hour planning meeting Saturday to launch protest(s) in Chicago on the 2nd anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

      Bill Chambers kindly put together notes from the meeting, but first a few important announcements. Attendance at these events by as many of you as possible would be very helpful.

      1) 10 AM, Monday, January 31st (today) is the hearing in Federal Court on the class action suit filed on behalf of those illegally detained during the first invasion of Iraq protest. The hearing will be held in Judge David Coar's courtroom, Room 1419, 219 S. Dearborn Street.

      2) 12 NOON, Monday (today) there will be a press conference regarding the lawsuit. Location: the lobby of the federal building, 219 S. Dearborn.

      3) 9:30 AM thru the afternoon, Wednesday, February 2nd is the hearing about our March 19th permit request for marching on Michigan Avenue. The hearing will be held in the Richard J. Daley Center (that's the building on the north end of Daley Plaza), in Room CL-95. "CL" stands for Concourse Level, which is the same level as the pedestrian tunnels that lead to the Blue and Red lines. The hearing will break for lunch at about 12:30 PM and then resume at about 1:30 PM. Please drop by during the day and show your support.

      4) 2-3 PM, Sunday, Feb. 6th, first meetings of our working groups at the 11th floor cafeteria of The DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson. Working groups are currently defined as:

      a. Outreach, Media/Publicity, Website/e-communications, and pre-cursor action(s)
      b. Program
      c. Logistical/Tactical/Permit/Legal

      If you truly want to help make March 19th successful, attending these working group meetings and volunteering to help with their tasks is the one of the best ways you can make a contribution.

      At 3 PM, the group will end their working group sessions and combine into a general meeting of the group at the same location.

      -- Andy T.

      March 19 Chicago Coalition Mtg. Minutes


      The agenda was agreed to and Andy and Chris as co-facilitators.

      This will be the highest decision making body and all decisions will be carried by 3/5 majority.

      The agreed name of this ad-hoc coalition is – March 19 Chicago Coalition.

      CCAWR applied for a permit for 3/19 to assemble at either Oak or Walton; march down Michigan Avenue; and rally at the Federal Plaza. A permit has been approved for the Federal Plaza all day. Through to the efforts of 8th Day Center for Justice, we have insurance for the federal plaza also. The permit to assemble at Oak or Walton and march down Michigan Avenue was denied and is being appealed.

      The agreed upon plan for March 19 is to continue the appeal for the original permit and to assemble at Oak and Walton, march south down Michigan Avenue to the Federal Plaza. This will be the plan whether the permit is approved or not.

      Also agreed that there would be various feeder marches from other locations that would join the march.

      Making stops along the way with speakers/actions at the Israeli consulate, (I would add although I didn’t at the meeting – the British consulate), Leo Burnett (of the Army of One fame), and Boeing were also suggested.

      There was also a list of suggestions of slogans for the demonstration (I’ll let you include those as I didn’t get them all – one other one I would add is “Bring the Intafada Home”) that will be considered as the first agenda item at the next meeting. The list appears at the bottom of this email.

      The next meeting will be Sunday 2/6 at the same place (DePaul cafeteria) from 2-5PM. The first part of the meeting from 2-3PM will break up into working groups with the larger group meeting from 3-5PM. The agreed upon working groups are:

      - Outreach (including pre-March 19 actions)
      - Media/publicity/web-site, e-communications
      - Program
      - Logistical/tactical


      Here are the slogans suggested at the end of Saturday's meeting:

      1. End the Occupation

      2. Troops Out Now

      3. Democracy Starts at Home

      4. End the War & Occupation of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan

      5. Stop the War on the World

      6. End all U.S. Wars

      7. Bring th eWar Home

      8. End the Occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Haiti

      9 Bring the Troops Home and ________

      10. No to their war,
      Yes to our future,
      US out of Iraq

      11. Organize to fight the right

      12. We the People Oppose War & Application

      13 People's health, not Stress

      14. Bring the troops how / fund social services.

      15. Dont Work to Pay to be Killed

      16. Money for Jobs, Education, Housing and Heath Care, Not for War

      17. Implode the empire. End this occupation

      18. Stop Human Genocide

      19. No Dignity with War & Occupation

      20. No War But Class War

      21. End All Occupations

      22. End the Occupation of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Haiti

      23. Civil Liberties at Home, Self Determination Abroad

      24. U.S. Out of Iraq Now, New Democracy Starts at Home.

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