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Call for Proposals: 2005 Chicago Social Forum

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  • Carol Gulyas
    The 2005 Chicago Social Forum is currently seeking workshops and cultural events. If you, or your group, would like to share the issues that you work on with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2005
      The 2005 Chicago Social Forum is currently seeking workshops and
      cultural events. If you, or your group, would like to share the issues
      that you work on with the Forum participants, please consider applying.

      The proposal information and application are available below.


      The Chicago Social Forum Planning Committee
      Chicago Social Forum
      Another Chicago is Possible!
      Call for Proposals

      April 30th-May 1st 2005
      Location TBA

      The 2005 Chicago Social Forum aims to be even bigger than the first,
      and to that end, we need your help. The first Chicago Social Forum
      held in January 2004 drew more than 500 hundred participants who came
      together to share ideas,
      network for effective action, and participate in open workshops on a
      multitude of topics including affordable housing, NAFTA, police
      gentrification, the Illinois Death Penalty, and globalization. Now is
      the time to work even more vigorously toward positive change through
      dialogue and collective action.

      The Chicago Social Forum (CSF) brings together organizers, community
      leaders, activists and artists from all across the City who believe in
      progressive change and social justice and are working to make it
      happen. It is an open
      meeting space that brings together people from a wide variety of
      struggles and interests to discuss the social, economic, political and
      environmental issues that affect our local and global communities.
      Participating organizations

      * Workshops
      * Presentations
      * Cultural events/workshops
      * solidarity meetings

      We are inspired by the highly successful World Social Forum (WSF), an
      annual event and ongoing process that began 4 years ago in Porto
      Alegre, Brazil.

      This world movement--an ensemble of civil society, workers, farmers,
      community leaders, environmentalists, people of color, women and
      social activists-- attracts those who want to create a more just,
      democratic, and peaceful

      Call for Proposals
      We want a broad representation of the organizing, cultural and
      activist work that is taking place all over Chicago. Participants
      pledge to abide by the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum


      Neither political parties nor military organizations shall participate
      in the Forum. Government leaders and party representatives who
      register as individuals and commit to the Charter of Principles are
      welcome to participate in a personal capacity.

      Themes include (but are not limited to):

      1.Regional and local diversity, integration, and solidarity in and
      around Chicago: (affordable housing, education, health care, welfare,

      2.Earth and Environmental balance / Sustainable, democratic development

      3.Alternative forms of globalization: sovereign economies for and of
      people against neo-liberal capitalism

      4.Globalization: relationship between poverty, trade, and debt

      5.Peace, demilitarization and struggle against war

      6.Models, philosophies & styles of organizing for social change/direct

      7.Art, culture, and diversity: Relationship between art/culture and
      social change

      8.Media, communication, free speech, autonomous thought, education:
      counter-hegemonic practices, rights and alternatives

      9.Ethics and spirituality -- resistances and challenges for a new world

      10.Human rights and dignity for a just and egalitarian world: fighting
      racism, sexism, and gay oppression

      Your proposal should contain:

      1. Proposal Application form
      2. Attached 200 word detailed description
      3. Registration or endorsement fee

      Chicago Social Forum
      Proposal Application Form
      Proposal Deadline: February 15, 2005

      All workshop presenters must register as participants (individuals) or
      endorsers (organizations) of the Chicago Social Forum.

      Individuals: $7 (1 day) / $10 (2 day)

      Students, seniors, unemployed $ 5 (1 or 2 days)

      Organizations: ($25)
      * your organization will be listed as endorser on all literature
      * receive 2 free admissions for two days
      Principal Endorsers: ($50)
      * your organization will be listed as endorser on all literature
      * receive 2 free admissions (both days)
      * exhibition stands/tables

      Exhibition Stands ($25)
      * for individual organizations or organizations who want to
      collaborate and share space to display/sell materials


      Address ________________________________________________________

      Phone __________________________________________________________

      Email/website ____________________________________________________

      Theme/title of workshop____________________________________________

      30-60 word description as you would like it to appear in the program:

      Please attach a 200 word, detailed description of your workshop and
      your registration or endorsement fee. Checks can be made out to 8th
      Day Center for
      Justice. Please mail application to: Chicago Social Forum c/o 8th Day
      Center for Justice, 205 W. Monroe, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60606.

      For more info call: Stephanie at 312-427-2533.

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