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No Stolen Elections rally

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  • Estelle Carol and Bob Simpson
    Please circulate widely! On January 6 in Washington, D.C. Tell Bush: We Will Stop Voter Disenfranchisement! Tell Congress: Stand Up for Democracy! On January
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2005
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      Please circulate widely!

      On January 6 in Washington, D.C.

      Tell Bush: We Will Stop Voter Disenfranchisement!

      Tell Congress: Stand Up for Democracy!

      On January 6, 2005 Congress will meet in joint session to certify
      the 2004 presidential election. On that day, if one member of the
      House and one member of the Senate object to the certification of the
      vote, then all members of Congress will finally discuss these issues.
      On January 6, 2001, not a single Senator would join with the
      Representatives who demanded an inquiry into the Florida recount.
      This year, let's make our Senators take a stand!

      Join Medea Benjamin, John Bonifaz, David Cobb, Congressman John
      Conyers (invited), Alysia Fischer, George Friday, Rev. Jesse Jackson
      (invited), Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (invited), Rev. Lennox
      Yearwood and many others as we: Rally at 10:00 a.m. in Lafayette Park
      across from the White House. We will then march to Capitol Hill to
      join with others at the U.S. Capitol at noon.

      We need an investigation into the Ohio vote on November 2, the
      seriously problematic "recount," partisan, discriminatory decisions
      made by the Secretary of State, electronic voting machine fraud, not
      enough machines in predominantly Black precincts, and all of the
      other ways that voters were disenfranchised in the USA.

      While our Senators and Representatives are inside Congress,
      tallying the electoral college vote, We the People must have a
      presence outside, bringing attention to the disenfranchisement,
      suppression and fraud that pervaded the 2004 election - and demanding
      real reforms to extend and protect democracy in the U.S. Please join
      us on January 6 in Washington, DC. Check
      <http://www.nov3.us/>http://www.nov3.us, http://www.votecobb.org,
      or <http://www.pdamerica.org/>http://www.pdamerica.org for more

      Leading up to the January 6 events there will be a major rally in
      Columbus, Ohio on January 3 at 2 p.m. organized by Rev. Jesse
      Jackson, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and other groups. For more
      information go to

      If you can't come to DC, we urge you to organize an action on
      January 4 or 5 at a Senator's office in your community, and list your
      event at <http://www.nov3.us/>http://www.nov3.us. And on January 6
      let?s flood the Senate with calls all morning and afternoon; the
      Capitol Hill information number is 202-224-3121.

      If the Ukraine can have a re-vote,

      why can't the U.S. have at least an investigation into vote suppression?

      This call to action is initiated by United Progressives for
      Democracy, the Cobb/LaMarche campaign, Code Pink, D.C. Anti-War
      Network, Independent Progressive Politics Network, No Stolen
      Elections!, Progressive Democrats of America, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
      and Truth in Elections. To add your group send your endorsement to


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