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Fw: 4th of July Alternative

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  • Rita Bogolub
    ... From: The Greens Green Party USA To: Rita Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 2:03 PM Subject: 4th of July
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      Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 2:03 PM
      Subject: 4th of July Alternative

      > Hi,
      > Here's an email I just sent to friends and family
      > about what to do this Independence Day. Just thought
      > it was an idea you might want to pass along.
      > Thanks for your good work. Keep at it.
      > Christy Kennedy
      > Lawrence, KS
      > ----------------------------------------------------
      > Hi everybody,
      > The kids love fireworks and everybody likes a picnic.
      > But this year I simply can not, in good conscience,
      > enjoy any sort of flag waving event with Lee Greenwood
      > blaring in the background, "I'm proud to be an
      > American, where at least I know I'm free" while our
      > government is responsible for so much suffering,
      > misery, and ill will in so many other parts of the
      > world.
      > As a nation we have much to be proud of. But
      > considering our long history of darker activities and
      > the actions of the current administration, I've
      > decided to call July 5th "Reparations Day."
      > PASS IT ON.
      > What follows is a letter I just sent to the Lawrence
      > Journal-World. They have a 250 word limit and I felt
      > compelled to use up many words in defense of
      > dissenters, but here it is:
      > ----------------------------------------------------
      > To the Editor,
      > I'm celebrating July 4th differently this year. It's
      > not apathy, lack of patriotism, or the fireworks ban,
      > but deep concern over the actions of our current
      > administration.
      > I'm proud and grateful that our founding fathers stood
      > up to injustice, fought to end British rule, and
      > established a democracy. But now fabricated
      > "intelligence" justifies "preemptive war." The
      > "Patriot Act" undermines civil liberties. Bin Laden,
      > Hussein and WMD have not been found, but countless
      > civilians are dead and American soldiers are still
      > dying almost daily. Objectives are not clear or
      > morally sound, and meanwhile, policy-makers profit
      > from resulting contracts. It all stinks of elitism,
      > colonialism, and self-interest. The founding fathers
      > must be spinning in their graves.
      > 'Patriotism' or "Love of and devotion to one's
      > country" and 'dissent,' "To differ in opinion or
      > feeling; disagree" are not mutually exclusive. Those
      > who question a dissenter's patriotism rather than
      > participating in thoughtful debate do not uphold the
      > ideals of of a democracy and might feel more
      > comfortable in the ruling class of a more oppressive
      > regime. The 4th would be just another day in July if
      > the patriots of 230 years ago had exhibited blind
      > faith in King George rather than thinking for
      > themselves.
      > I'm doing volunteer work on the 4th and am designating
      > July 5th "Reparations Day." Pick a group, the list is
      > long--we're sending donations to non-profits helping
      > veterans and their families, and to humanitarian
      > groups working in Iraq. We're priviledged to be
      > Americans. We're also responsible.
      > Christy Kennedy
      > Lawrence, Kansas
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