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OPCTJ Meeting Minutes - April 7

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  • Estelle Carol and Bob Simpson
    Hi, everybody The next meeting is Sunday afternoon, April 14, 3:30 pm at Anita s house, 242 S. Wesley, Oak Park General policy on OPCTJ projects. Everyone is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2002
      Hi, everybody

      The next meeting is Sunday afternoon, April 14, 3:30 pm
      at Anita's house, 242 S. Wesley, Oak Park

      General policy on OPCTJ projects. Everyone is welcome to come to our
      meetings and propose a project. Proposals must be in writing. We
      don't meet every Sunday afternoon. Call Anita (708-445-8541) to find
      out about meeting dates.

      Here is what happened at our meeting on Sunday, April 7 at Anita's house.

      1- Peace Buttons
      Ben and Val are making peace buttons for us to give away and sell.
      They have a button-making machine.We need clever slogans. HELP!!! We
      need a PC and Windows guru to help Val and Ben get their Microsoft
      Publisher software working, since they need it to make the graphics
      for the buttons.

      2- March on Washington on April 20th
      Joan Phillips and Shawna Black from Illinois Peace Action came to
      present the information on the Stop the War March to Washington on
      April 20th. Make your bus reservation by April 15th. Buses leave on
      April 19th from behind the Art Institute. Most buses return on
      Saturday night, so all sleeping is on the bus. A few buses return

      To find out more, come to the meeting on Thursday April 11 at 7:30 pm
      at Grace Episcopal Church (Lake street near Forest Ave). Local Oak
      Park events on the weekend of April 20 will be discussed, including
      banners on the Ike overpasses. Ann will call the Chicago Peace
      Response Coalition to find out if they are planning local Chicago
      events for the weekend of the march.
      Websites for the March on Washington are --
      www.a20stopthe war.org

      3- OPCTJ Petition campaign
      We will ask for signatures on our peace petition outside the main Oak
      Park Post Office on Tax Day (Monday, April 15). Teams of 2 or 3 will
      wear sandwich boards. The slogans for the day are --
      "Bush's war - where does it stop?"
      "The war on terror breeds more terror...and it's expensive too!"
      Ann will make the sandwich boards.
      Estelle will make the leaflet which will have our peace statement on
      one side and the invitation to the next Open Mic on the other side.

      4- Open Mic (Performance Peace)
      Next Open Mic is planned for Thursday, May 16, 6:30 pm at Buzz Cafe
      (Lombard, south of Harrison St, in Oak Park). Sign up to perform at
      6:00 pm. Performance options include poetry, stories, music, dance,
      humor. For more details contact Val at 708 660-0579. Our last Open
      Mic was fantastic -- every seat was filled.

      5- Courage to Refuse Campaign
      Not In My Name is organizing a national tour of Israeli military
      people who refuse to serve in the West Back and Gaza. The Oak Park
      branch of NIMN will bring two speakers --
      May 8 - a high school student
      May 30 - a Lieutenant in Artillery.
      The campaign is raising money for the families of refusers who will
      be sent to jail and for full-page newspaper ads. OPCTJ will be
      helping publicize these events. For more information see the website
      -- www.couragetorefuse.org

      Minutes written by Estelle Carol

      Graphic design and illustration
      for print and the web
      Members: Graphic Artists Guild and National Writers Union
      (UAW AFL-CIO)

      "Don't believe everything you think."
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