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4156URI-EICHEN Gallery: Joe Hill 100 Years

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  • Peg Strobel
    Dec 31, 2013
      Here's the next event at the IRU-EICHEN Gallery.  You're invited!

      Peg Strobel


      Join URI-EICHEN Gallery for a night of music, art, and discussion featuring Jon Langford

      Joe Hill 100 Years, Part 1 of a series at URI-EICHEN Gallery celebrating Joe Hill's life, songs, art and the Industrial Workers of the World

      Joe Hill Part 1: JANUARY 10, 7pm to 10pm

      URI-EICHEN Gallery, 2101 S Halsted , Chicago     312 852 7717

      Special Musical Guest Jon Langford and Pocket Guide to Hell's Paul Durica leads historical reenactment "Chicago Responds to Joe Hill's Arrest"

      Imagery provided with assistance of Joseph A. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan Library and Walter P Reuther Library, Wayne State University

      Who was Joe Hill? What happened in January of 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah that would soon have workers around the world demanding justice? Join us for a night of music and art in the first part of the series that will span 23 months, the last months of Hill’s life.

      Special Guest: Jon Langford

      "The great rock and roll bridge between punk's back alleys and country music's windswept plains." - Portland Mercury

      "Jon Langford has grit in his voice and melody in his soul. A punk-rock pioneer, a leading light of alt-country, a troubadour for our times, a musicians’ mentor, a visual artist of uncommon skill, a singer-songwriter who writes with the authority of having lived a life rather just having imagined it, how do you peg Langford?

      Is he folk, rock, country, punk, what? Yes, he’s all that. Langford is Langford, a transplanted Welshman who’s been in Chicago long enough for us to claim him, and in doing so, stake a claim to a treasure.
      " - Chicago New City