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414714 Upcoming Programs, Shut Guantanomo Down, Saturday, 8:00 PM

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  • cpaidock
    Oct 3, 2013

      October 5
      Chicago Coalition to Shut Down Guantanamo

      Meeting # 3,241 - "Under both Bush and Obama, the men at Guantanamo have been used by administration officials, lawmakers, lawyers, judges, and assorted pundits as pawns in a political game - still portrayed as the "worst of the worst" ...They have allowed the impression to remain that its inmates may be dangerous, even though only a few dozen, at most, of the 164 men still held have ever been subjected to allegations of involvement with terrorism.  Eighty-four of them were cleared for release in January 2010 by the inter-agency Guantanamo Review Task Force that Obama established when he first took office...These men are still held in part because of legislation passed by fearful or cynical members of Congress, using Guantanamo to keep Americans scared, but also because Obama has been unwilling to spend political capital overcoming lawmakers' restrictions...In response to a prison-wide hunger strike that the prisoners began in February, and subsequent interest and outrage both at home and abroad, Obama promised to resume releasing prisoners from Guantanamo in a major speech on national security issues on May 23.  Nearly four months later, however, just two men have been released."

      College of Complexes  "The Playground for People Who Think"
      weekly free speech forum on social issues and current events
      all in attendance will be afforded an opportunity to ask questions, and make rebuttals and/or remarks for 5 minutes
      www.collegeofcomplexes.org  (information below)
      Upcoming Schedule:
      October 5
      The Chicago Coalition to Shut Down Guantanamo
      October 12th
      Join the Democratic Renaissance:  "Virtual Voting" is a Human Right
      The Altruist Party Candidate for Chicago Mayor
      October 19th
      Voting Rights Advisory Council
      Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
      October 26th
      ONE Campaign vs. Global Poverty and Disease
      November 2
      Expecting More from City Officials
      "We Can Do More"  Marc Loveless for Chicago City Clerk
      November 9
      Illinois Medicaid to Be Managed from India, Outsourcing Contract
      Bright Future Jobs for technicians
      November 16
      Why Blacks Commit Acts of Violence Against Each Other:
      The Intellectual and Esoteric Reasons
      November 23
      Program on the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories, with film
      November 30
      The Hidden History of Chicago
      Author Patrick Butler
      December 7
      Out of Control:  A 15-Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons
      Author Nancy Kurshan
      December 14
      An Update on the 10 Most Censored Subjects / Blacked Out News in the Media
      December 21
      Candidate for Cook County Sheriff, Frederick Collins
      December 28
      January 4
      War Resisters League
      Author of "Crossing Lines and Doing Time:  Nonviolent Resisters Speak Out for Peace"
      January 11
      Film Noir:  When Films Told the Truth
      with clips to be shown
      January 18,25
      To Be Re-Scheduled
      The Decline of the West:  Was Spengler Right?
      Presentation at 8:00 PM - Every Saturday
      Lincoln Restaurant
      4008 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago - intersection of Irving Park and Damen
      (4000 N - 2000 W)
      Free Parking, 1 Block from the Irving Park Stop on the Brown Line, CTA
      Tuition $3.00 and food/drink purchase requested by restaurant
      Questions from Audience
      Speaker's Final Comments