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4146Fwd: Petition to open Rafah Crossing

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  • David Trippel
    Sep 21, 2013

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      Subject:Fwd: if you have not signed this heartfelt petition
      Date:Sat, 21 Sep 2013 14:58:10 +0200
      From:One Democratic State Group <onedemocraticstategroup@...>

      Please do. The petition was written by the youth in Gaza and has been up on AVAAZ for a few days. Some of you have already signed it, because I see your names. They want 25,000 signatures and are fast approaching 4,000, but they need a lot of support and a lot of 'passing on the link.'

      Rafah is closed again today, after being open for only 6 hours total on Wednesday and Thursday. Students cannot get out to go to university, sick patients are slowly dying for lack of care. Israel has outsourced the blockade to Egypt. Please help

      This petition is one way we can help, and it takes only a few minutes. 

      One Democratic State Group