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Re: New Gamma World Sign-Up lists

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  • Michael Caudill
    For some the GW games we are only missing a GM. Anyone interested? ... any ... people ... same ... people ... or ... files ... and ... one ... sign-
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2003
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      For some the GW games we are only missing a GM. Anyone interested?

      --- In OOPGamersGuild@yahoogroups.com, "otw38" <otw38@y...> wrote:
      > I have posted some new Gamma World game sign-ups under the database
      > option.
      > Even though we currently have 19 members, since only 5 members seem
      > to be active at this time, we seem to be having problems getting
      > AD&D gaming scheduled because they usually require at least 5
      > (4 players and 1 DM) and not everyone is always available at the
      > time.
      > Well, most of the Gamma World modules require only at least 3
      > (2 players and 1 GM), so it should be much easier to get some GW
      > gaming going on.
      > By the way, 2nd edition Gamma World rules are backwards compatible
      > with 1st edition Gamma World rules. So, if you don't have the 1st
      > 2nd edition rules, just download the 1st edition rules from the
      > section and you should be good to go.
      > Also, the flyer is also in the files section; you can download it
      > post it about and if we could get more active members, then we
      > wouldn't have all these problems with getting people to sign-up and
      > scheduling conflicts.
      > FYI, here is an update:
      > 1st edition AD&D module N1 will be played from 12N-8PM on 28JUL2002
      > at Midnight Comics and Games
      > 1st edition AD&D modules U1,U2,U3 (Underwater Series) only needs
      > more person to sign-up for the minimum to play.
      > 1st edition Gamma World module GW1 only needs one more person to
      > up for the minimum to play.
      > So get in there and sign up!
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