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69Re: Flash code protection

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  • lpc2100_fan
    Jan 8, 2005

      protecting an open bus is pretty much impossible IF CODE IS EXECUTED
      from there. However, if only data fetches access the bus or the whole
      device is used as single chip with lots of digital I/O, it is
      definitely possible.
      Your statement that the external bus can not be protected is correct
      as soon as ONE (or more) instructions are fetched from external bus.

      Cheers, Bob

      --- In OKI-ARM-mcus@yahoogroups.com, "raivo60" <raivo60@y...> wrote:
      > interesting, how you imagine to protect memory content in von Neumann
      > arcitecture computer with open data& aadress bus?
      > I'm sure, LPC22xx devices with external bus are not protected from
      > reading FlashROM too.
      > Maybe I'm wrong, but only secure controllers with external bus are
      > Dallas DS5000 chips.
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