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207ML67Q4003 SIO port interrupt

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  • edfeten
    May 14, 2011
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      Hi All,
      I have another question that I could use help on.

      In my application I use the SIO port (PIOB[6] and PIOB[7]) to receive and transmit data. That all works fine. So the port is setup for 9600 baud and everything is good. I was not using interrupts for receive or transmit.

      Well yesterday I decided that I needed to enable the SIO interrupt function for receiving data from the SIO port.

      I thought I setup everything properly.

      - I created a simple SIO_Handler() function.
      - I added that function to the interrupt table
      - I enabled the interrupt

      When data arrives at the SIO port my code does read it. However, when the data stops, my SIO interrupt handler keeps getting called as if there is more data coming in.

      I am clearing the RVIRQ bit of the SIO status register from inside of the interrupt function. I am clearing it by writting a 1 to it (as shown in the manual).

      Does anybody have any ideas as to why my SIO interrupt function is getting called when there is no data coming in?

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