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203Re: Build without debug info

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  • gnuarm
    Jan 26, 2011
      I can't give you any specific advice, but this sounds like a memory problem to me. Either part of your program is clobbering another part and setting the debug option moves things enough that it isn't a problem anymore. Does your program get copied to ram before execution or does it run from Flash?

      Check the mapper output for each and see where the sections are being located. Maybe something is going past the end of ram? I guess the linker/mapper would warn you of that though.

      Do any parts of your program work or does it not come up at all? Can you connect a JTAG debugger?


      --- In OKI-ARM-mcus@yahoogroups.com, "edfeten" <Fetona@...> wrote:
      > Ok here is another question.
      > I have an application that runs on the ML67Q4003. My program will only run on the hardware if I build with the *Active config set to Debug. If I set the *Active config to "Release", it will build the hex file without problems but it won't run on the hardware.
      > This hasn't been a problem in the past, but now I am getting close to using up all the chips flash. So I want to do a release build since it uses much less memory (flash).
      > Does anybody know what the problem could be? I am using the RealView tools version 1.6.1
      > Thanks,
      > Ed
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