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  • redsp@yahoo.com
    Feb 18, 2004
      Welcome to the new group for discussing ARM mcus, specifically the OKI

      I am starting this group because I am using the OKI ARM chip in a new
      design and I have not found much of a user community. I would like to
      foster discussion and promote the exchange of information and
      experiences in using these products.

      Arius makes DSP boards for the PC/104 bus. Our new board will use an
      ML67Q5003 as a comms controller to off load some of the work of the
      DSP. I found the OKI ARM devices to be uniquely suited to this task
      because of their external memory bus, the wide variety of IO and the
      low cost.

      But I have not found a lot of support for these chips. I have not met
      anyone else using them and I am surprised at this. Once people get to
      know about them they seem to like them a lot. It is actually a lot of
      chip in a small package.

      So if you have any interest in using these devices or you are using
      something similar and you want to share some info that would be
      relevant to the OKI ARM mcus, please post here.