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197I2C delay doesn't work on OKI675001

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  • flaretom
    Mar 18, 2010
      Hi Everyone!
      I'm having some trouble with the 675001 regarding the i2c-hardware in the MCU.
      The Oki-i2c hardware is connected to an Atmel-AVR, which is working as i2c-slave. Sometimes the AVR is not as fast as the oki-mcu and pulls the i2c-scl line low after its acknowledge pulse(i2c-delay). Unfortunately the oki-mcu does not detect this and continues to send its data on the i2c-sda line. Of curse this ruins the whole communication, and to make things worse the state can't be left by software means (reinitializing the i2c hardware in the oki-mcu).
      Does anybody observe a similar behavior and hopefully has a workaround?
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