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195Re: Understanding the flash utility hex file

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  • rsprowson
    Dec 7, 2008
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      --- In "huntsman689" <craigjeffery@...> wrote:
      > The oki website advises it to use their ISFP and have no other
      > resources about the flash untility. I understand the concept of
      > loading the !zero.dat file to synchronise the baud rate.
      > I currently working on a 20Mhz oscillator and would like a baud
      > rate to 115200.

      I thought the OKI flash utility was at 38400bps, the zeros file serves
      to adjust to account for differing CPU clocks. Thinking about it more,
      I patched the OKI utility to run at something other than 60MHz, so if
      the CPU speed is set in the code and the baud rate is fixed the zeros
      file isn't really training it anyway,
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