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183Lock Setting Procedure

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  • flaretom
    Dec 23, 2006
      Hi, everybody!
      I encountered a problem with the locking of a cache way.
      First i set the flags in the cache control register:
      ldr r11,=CACHE_BASE
      ldr r12,=CON_WAY0|CON_LOAD
      str r12,[r11,#0x1c] ; flush
      str r12,[r11,#4] ; load forcible into way0
      Then i load the the code of my irq handler into the selected way0 (
      size of that handler aprox. 200bytes).
      After doing this i try to lock the way0:
      ldr r10,=CON_LOCK1
      str r10,[r11,#4] ; resume normal cache mode and lock way0
      But the last instruction causes an Undef exception.
      If i increase the size of the loaded handler to 2K everything works
      fine. In the oki-manual (9-10) one can read:
      ... , make sure that the total number of bytes is 2kB or less
      including the data before and after the starting address ...
      So whats about "or less"? Any suggestions?

      Happy Christmas!
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