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146Re: MCU dead due to bad code?

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  • kendwyer
    May 23, 2006
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      Hi Tom,

      Your Flash code must be doing something to cause this.....
      After Flashing the part, disconnect the JTAG and then power on reset,
      does this help?
      When you connect JTAG after Flash boot, where is the PC pointing too?
      What is the value of the ROMAC and BWC resigters?


      --- In OKI-ARM-mcus@yahoogroups.com, "flare_theculture" <th@...> wrote:
      > Hi everybody!
      > I have some trouble with the OKI 675001: I'm using this part now for
      > about 3 month, debugging and programming an extern Flash (AM29LV320)
      > via JTAG. Never had any problems. Now after changing the code and
      > burning it as usual into the FlashROM the MCU is no longer responding
      > to JTAG. Furthermore no activity on the MCU bus. OK, i thought that
      > some ESD distroyed the MPU and took a new part. But the same happend
      > again :(.
      > Here the proceeding in detail:
      > - via JTAG initialization- and flash program loaded into internal RAM
      > - initialization of SDRAM with that code -> breakpoint
      > - via JTAG flash data loaded into SDRAM
      > - flash program started -> breakpoint
      > - everything still works
      > - hardware reset -> MCU dead
      > (I'm using the Amontec Chameleon with the "Raven 8MHz witout Reset"
      > configuration.)
      > How can code destroy/disable the MCU? Can i somehow resurrect it?
      > Any help appreciated, Tom
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