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125Re: [OKI-ARM-mcus] Having trouble with flash_uty_38400_5K.hex

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  • FurQan
    Nov 4, 2005
      Hi James,
      I think the problem is with the oscillator
      frequency. ML67Q500x series has a built-in PLL , which
      for an external oscillator can operate at 4x/8x
      speeds depending on CLKMODE selections (These are
      hardware connections). So if you have a 7.5 Mhz
      external osc. your cpu can operate at 7.5 X 8 = 60
      Mhz. Form your query it seems that u are a pretty
      older method for flash programing . Thankfully Oki
      has put up a useful IAP utility called OKI ISPF at its
      website which is much more handy.


      --- james_lewis_73104 <jlewis@...> wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > I've been using a flash utility I inherited on a
      > project called
      > flash_uty.hex with a 67Q4003. I'm trying to migrate
      > now to the
      > 67Q5003, and so am trying to use the
      > flash_uty_38400_5K.hex from this
      > site. What are the limitations for this? What baud
      > rates are valid
      > for a 33MHz oscillator? Xon/Xoff handshaking on or
      > off? It doesn't
      > display anything when I press '1' at this prompt:
      > User program download finished.
      > Select next operation.
      > 0 : Download other program.
      > 1 : Start user program.
      > >
      > I was successful in loading a stripped down version
      > of the firmware
      > I'm developing using the ISFP program. It stops at
      > 0x10000 though, if
      > I have the full version, hence the effort to use
      > flash_uty_38400_5K.hex.
      > Thanks for any insight on how to get ISFP to work
      > with larger files,
      > or how to get flash_uty_38400_5K.hex to work at all.
      > James Lewis
      > Nomadics, Inc.

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