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122Re: Having trouble with flash_uty_38400_5K.hex

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  • sohrab_namvar
    Nov 3, 2005
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      Hi James,
      Which version of ISFP are you using. The latest version is 1.2 which
      Ken uploaded to the files. Could you tell me what the ISFP behavior
      is when you try to program the flash? Are you selecting the correct
      device in ISFP? Thanks.
      -- Sohrab

      --- In OKI-ARM-mcus@yahoogroups.com, "james_lewis_73104"
      <jlewis@n...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I've been using a flash utility I inherited on a project called
      > flash_uty.hex with a 67Q4003. I'm trying to migrate now to the
      > 67Q5003, and so am trying to use the flash_uty_38400_5K.hex from
      > site. What are the limitations for this? What baud rates are
      > for a 33MHz oscillator? Xon/Xoff handshaking on or off? It
      > display anything when I press '1' at this prompt:
      > User program download finished.
      > Select next operation.
      > 0 : Download other program.
      > 1 : Start user program.
      > >
      > I was successful in loading a stripped down version of the firmware
      > I'm developing using the ISFP program. It stops at 0x10000
      though, if
      > I have the full version, hence the effort to use
      > Thanks for any insight on how to get ISFP to work with larger
      > or how to get flash_uty_38400_5K.hex to work at all.
      > James Lewis
      > Nomadics, Inc.
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