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117Re: Oki Semiconductor Incorporates Unique Features to Deliver Industry's Lowest

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  • Eric Engler
    Oct 14, 2005
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      > but do you notice the write time of the Embeded flash
      > of the chips , it is no more than 500 times, so maybe
      > everyone want to use the chip they need get one AME51
      > first for debug.

      Wow, I didn't know it was only 500 times. That seems very low to me.

      But the AME51 board has 1 Meg of external RAM onboard, and they let
      you map it to the normal flash range. Most of the time people will
      develop programs using this RAM feature. This lets you set more than 1
      breakpoint, and this will help to save the flash.

      I was suprised that they make one version of the chip small enough to
      fit on a smart card (which is the size of a credit card).
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